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He's a hall of famer i was looking on the list of receptions this is the old time list and i think you'll be surprised at this i was jerry rice of course is the goat at fifteen hundred forty nine catches tony gonzalez is second thirteen twentyfive larry fitzgerald still playing and he's got one thousand two hundred and thirty four so one two three four for him and forth on that all time list jason witten one thousand one hundred and fifty two catches i'm going to guess that'll put you in the hall of fame he was not tony gonzalez but he was very good player for a very popular team and that certainly helps when you have that formula marvin harrison is fifth on the alltime list then chris carter tim brown tarallo wins and kwan bolden and reggie wayne you know the guy who was in there and i don't know if he's a hall of famer andre johnson is six he's eleven th on the list he's got over a thousand catches but it just feels like he was a really good player but never had that moment never had that stage it was just all pete in you know you'd have players say man andre johnson he's a beast like fellow wide receivers would say man andre johnson defensive backs andre johnson man he's a beast but there was nothing that was really there because he didn't get to the playoffs he got there twice know didn't get a super bowl there you know it helps getting on that stage and when you get on that stage what you do on that stage larry fitzgerald had a great super bowl jerry rice of course it didn't matter had the soup he had everything gonzalez didn't get a super bowl but i think he changed the position we were looking at the there are a couple of titans that have come along where you look at them and you go k he's different mike ditka was very athletic tight end because it used to be tight ends we're just you know that's the guy you could catch a pass but he was also there primarily because he was a blocker you because you.

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