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Welcome back to another episode of Real Wealth Real Health today. We are having a conversation with Ryan Sterling. Who is the founder of future you wealth? He is a successful wealth manager and a sought after holistic wealth coach a speaker and soon to be published author of. You're making other people rich. Prior to starting future you wealth Ryan had over fifteen years of experience working with individuals and families at large firms such as alliance Bernstein goldman-sachs B B. Our Partners Capital Group Ryan earned his B A in economics from Carleton College and has an MBA with a specialization in investment management. From Vanderbilt University. He is also a CFA charter holder and a member of the CFO. Society of New York we speak about investing investment management. Today staying the course acronyms like fire. Financial independence retire early. Henry's high earner not rich yet. We talk about spending we talk about the EGO. We talk about hobbies. We talk about so much. In this episode. As Ryan describes it comes down to many of us living in this constant state of unrest as we fill voids with possessions and battle the urge to consume on a regular basis in his upcoming book. You're making other people. Rich Ryan Explores how to use intention to restore your relationship with wealth. This conversation is a mix of practical and meaningful and is especially thought-provoking in these times of volatility uncertainty and this forced stillness that has many of us reflecting on our values where we assign meaning in the way we live and what it means.

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