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Seven ten W. O. twenty three a very pretty Wednesday here in the big city sense going up in the mid fifty should be a good day of the market set to open in seven minutes and the premarket trading has the Dow up five hundred and forty points and you're calling out the Biden Bob I don't know a night back in I yeah it was it was interesting I said it was fascinating yesterday because out of nowhere the fed dropped the rate I have a point was the first time I did something like that between sessions since the financial crisis in two thousand eight and they thought that was really going to stimulate the stock market and the market actually tanks and I guess the theory was what are they worried about that was just some problem here if they will drop the rate a half a point there's a problem and all of a sudden people sold their stocks so you had that big rally the day before then yesterday thanks yeah I mean do that the the interpretation was that the fed thinks that there is gonna be problems down the line as the made a half a percent cut that's a big cut it was sad but I I have a blue yeah you know trump's been railing for because they need to do it in a meeting no that's not saying we sessions all and if you didn't hear that the man in new Rochelle the attorney fifty year old who was in serious condition coronavirus now his son has been confirmed with corona viruses a student you shiver so you know that that schools going to well it's closed anyway today but so that should be locked out for awhile Joe's rolling his eyes in the UK the BBC breaking news a corona cases jumped by thirty four yesterday bringing up to eighty five so this is this is going to continue to grow I don't think this is going away soon I mean I president says when the weather turns warmer in good shape you know it'll go away I hope he's right I don't know I I I don't know much about this thing but you keep thinking it's being over played because of all the people who die from the flu well I I I don't know that it's necessary to go into a two week quarantine just because you might have been exposed to somebody with this it's tough I mean I I you know I wouldn't have been a cancel it can't you can't do it yeah well if if everyone got him by the time this exponentially grows I mean everyone's gonna be in quarantine sure at some point I have so many friends are wishing to go into quarantine one worker exactly I have talked to people in that it would be to spend two weeks in my house I'd get some work done I'd clean up we can start my taxes you know what you can watch all of breaking bad call.

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