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K radio time capsule. Now the CEO and president of the Hinds History Center, Andy May sick, Latrobe native Arnold Palmer established himself as golf's first worldwide superstar. His charisma and dramatic victories captivated A vision audiences and elevated the popularity of golf across the globe. Born in 1929 Palmar experienced success on the links at a young age his father of course, superintendent at the Trope Country Club. Thought Palmer the finer points of the game. Young Palmar eventually became a dominant golfer for Latrobe High School, winning the Pennsylvania State Championship twice in the late 19 forties. Bombers. Early success earned him a golf scholarship toe Wake Forest University, but he later withdrew during his senior year after close friend was killed in a car accident. Following this tragedy, Palmer joined the U. S Coast Guard for three years before returning to golf and winning the U. S Amateur Championship in 1950. For one year later, he burst into the national spotlight. With his first professional tour victory at the Canadian Open, Palmer solidified his status as one of the world's top golfers by winning the 1958 Masters tournament. His first of four winds at the venerable championship. Palmer captured an unprecedented 29 championships during a four year stretch from 1962 1963. His marketable good looks and dramatic playing style endeared him to fans around the world as throngs of loyal supporters gathered at tournaments to cheer him on. In fact, Arnie's Army has been.

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