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Every one of our episodes the season will take up. The question of cost who absorbs the true cost convenience. What do we gain and lose from the services and the price that consumers paying right now. Is it realistic that it'll stay that low in the future on the next episode cost from the perspective of the apps themselves you'll hear from their leaders and investors who are all trying to figure out a fundamental question. What will it take for their businesses to be consistently profitable in the long run. It was a big risk but we believe in the company. We believed what they were building. We saw long term value and profitability of that company. If we could get there and so we took the risk land of the giants delivery. Wars is a production of rico eater and the fox media podcast network nor was was is the show's producer. This episode was edited by lisa. So up and meghan connie adrian. Lily engineered this episode with help from brandon mcfarland. Alex letterman is fact checker. Our theme song was composed by gotham streakish. Thanks to recode. Senior correspondent jason. Del delray and recode senior data reporter. Ronnie mola for their help with the separate. Sam oltman is recode editor and chief. Amanda clue is eaters editor in chief. Julie myers is our show runner and shot kirwa because our executive producer. I am amulya. Land of the giants is conveniently located on all of your favorite apps commission. Free subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Believe us a review. We'd love to know..

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