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Kathleen Blanco is a licensed psychotherapist she's been very gracious. To give us a her time and insight today A lot of folks. Are asking a lot of questions as it relates to the findings in the grand jury that are, horrific and we trying to get our arms in some. Ways around how. That happens and more and Kathleen. Let me start off with the addictive nature of this in your estimate Well sexual addiction lights up. The brain in the same way as heroin addiction does same places in the brain or lit up and what happens is. The brain gets flooded with dopamine and the brain likes that so it wants more dopamine but unfortunately the more dopamine, against and the brain gets confused and start shutting, down dopamine so now we have the brain. Needs more and more to get, the same buzz and sex addiction is not. About sex it's about getting the buzz and this is sometimes it's been a, and then what happens once you get this buzz then it starts altering the way the brain works and it shuts down areas of the brain. It increases the sympathetic nervous system and that is the fight or flight response and the fight or, flight response shuts down the front part of the brain which is the The prefrontal cortex and it's in the prefrontal cortex that we have all, the human qualities That's where we have impulse control that's where we have compassion and empathy and good decision making executive order functioning and the ability to know that our con- our behavior has consequences, and the ability to know that our behavior affects other people, and all of those y the wiring to the, prefrontal cortex is loosened or even disengage and the wiring to the primitive. Brain is strengthened, and it's in the primitive, brain that we have this me me me it's all about I want what I want and I want it now it's. Very ego Centric and it's, also connected to the fight or flight response and survival mechanism so that's why the this the urges, to do this or. So. Overpowering because it, feels like if I don't get this buzz I'm going to die okay so go ahead Okay so I, guess there's a little. Bit. Unpack there so In essence this is. Not. Related to the priests themselves this is about sexual. Behavior In the broadest form and you're saying that, there's a chemical component that have effectively leads alternately to not just a physical need but. A.

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