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It was a funny race tactically in that those who were up at the pace, they are the ones who have ended up finish fighting out the finish, and those who were trying to come from off it couldn't do it. Tuesday was a good bit back and maybe run more didn't expect the race to play out in the way that it was a funny run race. It was interesting to hear these comments that perhaps he gave Ryan a little bit of the wrong information. I read somewhere that interview he said that perhaps they got it wrong. Which is from Ryan's point of view and everyone else says it's nice when they're trainers kind of on your side and it doesn't really matter who wants to blame and then perhaps she's at a few high racism perhaps she wasn't at her best. But it's refreshing to hear those condoms from very much so. It also just goes to emphasize while Aidan O'Brien will heap praise on everybody else's yard when he wins. And sometimes that irks people because and I don't understand why, by the way, I don't understand why you have a problem with the best trainer in the world. Wanting to compliment his staff at home. But which is good to know, but it further emphasizes the fact that anytime something goes wrong, Aiden takes the blame. 9 more often than not, I can't really remember maybe the Spencer year where he would have a go at the jockey. He just doesn't do that, whereas in stark contrast to what's happening on the other side of the Irish sea right now. But that Bond, those two have is very strong. And it is great that the Leighton was he was the one laying down on the wire to let Ryan Moore walk over it. And it's intriguing with her because there's a subplot here in that she gets supplemented for the race. And as you know, Austin having written for Aiden and no doubt you'll do so for many more years. And cool more ethos is all about stallions to the future. The R star is a stallion making race. But changing the guard was rushed to royal ascot to make it there. He could have run in this race. They chose to go for the king of the 7th instead. They didn't run Stone Age. It seems now that tenfold long is very much going to be his maximum distance from now on unless something changes with the physically over the next few season I imagine he'll stay in training next year. They don't really seem to have a massive amount of strength in depth in the middle distance department. No, but you go to stages of that, you know, like the pedigrees are there and a lot of those verses are related to champions, and I'm afraid it can just be like that. It seems strong in the two year old division and this looks like the scare that everyone's going to be looking forward to watching running over the next royal yeah, looking at the king George picture. You're trying to see what they might run and just further on races that we're used to seeing them really having strong chances in, but that will change. It'll change again. I would imagine a little bit of a break now for Tuesday and possibly back for the Yorkshire oaks, maybe they'll rusher today. That would make sense. Yeah. Which, by the way, if she wins that, she's back in contention for the arc again. So she'll be hard. She'll be hard to beat there. But west over very, very exciting. Ultimately, though, you would go saint legend with him. I think so, yeah. I mean, Rachel's where there's a traditionalist and I think the judgment team, you know, there's no doubt that why can't it when a ledger and then come back and train the horse at four and win the quarter group owner when a couple of them went and they're not they're not under severe pressure. They have some superstars. They've got his sire frankl and they've got kingman and they have paid the bread. He was doing okay as well at the moment. They are not struggling for horses and Franklin and kingman and that also I don't think they'll be panicking. I don't think there will either. A good day all around for the team. We'll move to the future based on the Sunday at the Cora, which was the pretty poly. Group one. And the petite coco drifted out to nine's patty Timmy was very confident that she'd win and that's exactly what she's done beats William hagers, my Astra. There is controversy though in the rosca barri ends up getting disqualified. We'll chat about that in a second, but the petite coco daughter of ruler of the world, she was terrific here, I thought. Yeah, so Ruger the world was probably the first proper horse I ever wrote work. And that was thanks to Aidan, you allowed me to go from on soft ground under grass one day and he went miles clear of the group. And so I had no idea really what I was sat on, but I knew it was fast and yeah, this really has been expertly campaigned. Can I ask you just before you go on to talk about the petite go go just to get an insight into the salient? Was this before he raced? Yeah, yeah, he had an injury too. Towards the back end of the season, he got going again and yeah, he felt like an absolute machine, but I was 15 or 16 years old. I didn't really know. Not about superstar horses, but I wanted to learn about him. Yeah, and of course he would end up being the Derby winner, and when the archives were so he was a class act any day for a horse who didn't race very often. So talk to me then about le petit coco. She's taking her sires, a lot of her SARS class. Yeah. I think she's been incredibly handled, you know? She's won four out of 5 stats for party to me. I don't know if it's four or 5 or 5 out of 6, but she's only been beaten once. She's literally improved whatever character Billie gave her a lovely positive ride. I remember watching her beat love last year on the God love might be out her best, but you know they chose a good spot there for her. They're making her a very valuable silly, yeah, I mean, I don't know how to determine it, but he operates on an incredibly high strike rate. I know where his stabilize and I admire him. He's doing amazing stuff really. Yeah, he's just he's not far from Blake and temporary. I think Blake could see his his horse is working from Blake manor. And so we talked about him, we talked about him probably 5 years ago. We were just very excited by this trainer coming through. And obviously, it's still very early days in his career. But God, he attracts the big owners. He does remarkably well with the team he has. And he's terrific at placing them as well. Yeah, yeah. I don't know much about his operation. I know it's in golden and county temporary. So they see between aid no brilliant and tummy stacks. But closer to Tony Stark or fuzzy stacks..

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