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In the last two shoulders done each member. And every instruction here to lift you up, So join in now three. There we go straight out and see your best self. Come here. E founded a company called Champion Minerals, which today's over a billion dollar market cap. We're back at it with Laura resist. We're in a very unique situation. We have two projects and world class jurisdictions. One in Bolivia and its neighboring country. Peru Way are about to commence with a maiden underground drilling campaign at this consistent we believe it's a collapsed volcano. It has all the earmarks of major tonnage at Bolivia. You have the Cerro Rico, the largest silver mine ever recorded with 2.5 billion ounces of silver produced Today and through way have Newmont for the South there Barrett first Quantum and that we should be grilling again in October at our Sam Mark Ito let Victoria project in most simple of Peru. And our focus is basically just stick to building asset growth building resources as quickly as possible. And then that's what we like about these targets. We have silver gold, zinc, lead copper 10 bismuth in India a full smorgasbord of metals. Even if they're at the lower range of their value on a per ton of, or you could estimate of Are you 60 plus and loved to travel, Introducing the senior travel discount network. Brought to you by low cost airlines call us any time, day or night and save up to.

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