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Of regard for him. So I I prefer snow to to Drake. Most of Drake song Sullivan. We're kinda catchy. Like that. Hotline blaming now, seventy seven five seven nine one zero two five and eight hundred seven seven one one five. That's how you reach us. We have a ton to get you. And again, we are live January third two thousand eighteen just to prove it if you could take a moment today and vote for Brayden point for NHL all star. I think that'd be just super for some reason he has been left off the all-star roster probably due to a clerical oversight. I would assume because the guys on fire, right? How does that? How does that happen? I was looking at his numbers early. Yeah. I suppose that could be it small market bias and not that we're tiny. But they look at Tampa Bay and they go. Well, that's not a New York. It's not a Los Angeles Fifty-two points twenty three goals five game winners. All agree that that he deserves to be on the Rosser. We are homers. There's no doubt about that. But homers notwithstanding. The dude deserves to be on the NHL all star to go to the link to vote or can you just do hashtag vote point didn't do those count. Because I know with baseball in the past. I don't know the answer to that question. I retweeted it from the Lightnings of your on Twitter. It's at you on the radio, and we'll hopefully get him where he belongs. We'll stop the hashtag vote point. That'll take you where you need to go. Yeah. And thank you Ryan redbeard who said give digresses great because your fans are calling back to four hours of radio pizza, which is a super nice thing to say we tried to set the table for a decent show. So that they can then serve up some some nicer. Yes johnson. And I just want to clarify the volt vote point thing you can vote up to ten times a day. And yes, all you need to do is use the hashtag vote point about ten times a day. Good encourage you to do that. Because look, I'm sure brain points, not going to, you know, he's not going to be he's not gonna campaign from self. I want him to have the honor. But I would love of all these. Guys just harassed. There's really no need for all the festivities right now. Yeah. It's great honor for bread and butter on becoming back healthy for the second half. Maybe a little bit of rest and relaxation what the doctor who knows sure all these guys are professionals in the all star game. But someone might be trying to gun for one of our our major stars. And I don't even think kid rock's performing this year. Mean was that just last year that we? It feels like so long ago. It really does a second time. I saw kid rock we have snuck lower level with their boy. Ben swig. Sure did. And our boy Randy Barbara hell. Yeah. He remembers me. That was so cool. And then we saw kid rock perform like one and a half songs. I think I've seen kid rock at the vans warped tour and then again at the NHL all star game. Boy, that's a spectrum for you. Right there. It left something to be desired. Performance was not like Lester, we got news on the the mean, Gino Kurland death. And I was looking for a more reverent way to say data. There's just no better way to say it the legend of entertainment and wrestling passed away yesterday and TMZ reported shortly before today's show that he fell victim to what takes out a lot of our elderly. And that is something that I think we should look into banning. You only have these school shootings. It's only natural that we start to look at our nation's lax gun laws. Okay. And and of course, we fight against all hope that cancer will one day, be your advocated. So we do what we can do there. I think. And I think it's time for us to start looking at why is why is gravity law? You know, why why are so many elderly people allowed to fall to their inevitable death because of a broken hip or a broken bone or a broken rest or back or whatever simply because we have this law of gravity are look we have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But I don't know why. When we started passing all these laws, and I don't know when they enacted the law of gravity. But I think it's time for us to start looking at an alternative solution. It may not be the thing that takes you know, everybody or even most elderly people, but if you have an elderly someone in your life, and you found out that they have fallen they'll be dead soon. Jeez. Now, how do we ban gravity? Do. We Email our mayors. Do we Email the Lord somebody in between all of the above to repeal a law like gravity is not going to be easy? I realized that I don't know short of a flux capacitor how we get back to pre Isaac Newton days when he saw an apple fall from a tree allegedly. But do we know that that happened? Do we know that there wasn't a squirrel or chipmunk perched up in that tree that not the apple juice Newton's head? Why is this just a law wiser, oh things fall? Oh, if you're elderly, and you can't exactly hold yourself up. You're going to take a tumble why just a tumble downstairs or just up a tumble in the shower where tell me where tumble happens leads the shower. That's what gets them. They say the I don't know where what had happened to me. I don't care. The man was a legend and a great man a lot of people loved him. What if we made it the law that anybody over sixty five years old had to wear like some sort of protect? Live gear at all times. I think you'd look at quality of life at that point in time. And you just you know, like those sumo suits something that drastic maybe just a helmet and hit pads. Why I think demeaning the elderly by putting hip pads in at a helmet on them as if they were going to suit up and play for the Toronto Argonauts of the NFL. If you will I I don't think that does anybody any favorite, by the way, is it really the Tamang Toronto Argonauts. Oh, yeah. How in the world did, I know they're brilliant. I think you are accidents genus seventy seven five seven nine or two five and eight hundred seventy seven one wanted to. I look I would like to start a grassroots effort. If if not for this insane law of gravity me, gene. Oakland would still be alive. Today. He fell last year he took a turn for the worst in December and four days ago. I believe he was admitted into a nursing home facility where he expired with his wife by his side, which is expired. That's the classy word classy, most, certainly. You say he died. It's breathing. I don't wanna use die to win bad. I mean, Jean. I got some Fetisov by the way does go bad. And Secondly mean Jean I is the federal of broadcasters. I get unfettered my fiance brought this nice Fateh like supposedly high end Fedor. It's I love that. It's disgusting. What you just said. I love Fedor, it's high end fed premium. Oh, yeah. She broke for home. I it's disgusting. And you don't really like fed like this. The bargain-basement discount version of Fedor. You can't handle real fatty. You've been you've been eating that bunk. Asks fake, federal, I'm a I'm a slave. I always say if you want to destroy my fed up pull this threat as I walk away. Ju- grab a live LA who are you AJ? I always say that. Yes. Hi, I'm with you. We should definitely ban the law of gravity. Thank you. Ban a law. You have to repeal law to make it. Let's repeal the law gravity. Thank you. How do we go about doing that? Do you know? I don't I don't. We didn't have this horrible law, gravity and place. I wouldn't have fell thirty feet years back and wouldn't have messed up. My my back and tells us he this guy right here. He's easy. Young caddy sounds like a even this guy succumbed to the temptations of gravity and decided that he was going to let it affect him. I'm really sorry. That happened. You. Did you you fracture your pelvis, you're lucky to be alive? Yeah. Yeah. I I shattered my pelvis in basically turned my television to a broken piece of glass, shattered. Both my wrists and the nice folks Tampa General Hospital, but we're back together. We'll good for them or you buy onic now pretty much. Yeah. I cannot walk through a metal detector without.

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