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Peace settlement salter i have no interest in her she she is one of a million graduate with feminist n no no things that we produce and i'm young afaq ahmed even knowing name right now i never heard of a poetry she's a columnist with washington post but i would like her to a wish somebody would do a study on who adopts new born with chronic diseases car side or our side okay like to know the poll capitalist christian or the good secular shoshu washed issuing likely to adopt kids newborn kids with with real physical or mental handicaps they live in a makebelieve universe the left it's makebelieve they have no idea what's going on in real life they don't have to do they were college you're listening to the dennis prager show talk about they gagen with after a new yvonne agnew in washington another nor'easter is threatening communities up and down these girls today closing schools and city office causing outage concerns for utility customers still trying to bounce back in many cases from last week storm heavy wet snow and gusting winds could take down more trees and snapped power lines british police now say they believe a russian former spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent metropolitan police say today that the attack on square gay scrip all in his daughter julia on sunday without being treated as an attempted murder he says police believe they were specifically targetted and many outside observers suggest it was unquestionably attacked by the kremlin on wall street the dow jones industrial average is not doing well in early trading even though oh it's not as far down as it was it's off about one hundred ninety seven points.

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