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Macos four stories kony ealy tamazawa i feel like a matter my the philip maniaci fame mine no no no time among mine for like my life at on it god sworn in mitch no way praying for somebody to say no one so again elect tony them i know it i know deep down showing placed car nobody call them up ban when you're a song in mind but he can the philip maniaci fame then like coercion i wish you wish let me say der yes ladies you know where you are we going was it kim got it mom the perry no from the factory offering real help see jayco french montana yo gotti cardi be jesse raise though we dallas cough belly added young california and one for every tickets went out of every ticket as though a benefit the red cross to provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake in mexico so grab you take it may take a master that all righty now neighborhood roundtable bob in their we've probably had one or two or maybe five or six really bad teachers by then here's the thing they're also some really great teacher is out there they go above and beyond i know that i've had some really amazing features in my life and and they just coming from my my my dad was a teacher as well so when i see a teacher just doing their think i get so excited and we've seen the sun been done before but we gotta make sure we spotlight best um a math teacher said carty be songs about ad yellow sewage stood up lip deer rearrange it and it's all about matt as she pleaded for her students and one stood even said i didn't really like matt january like my teacher but now after seeing her do this it's inspired me to work harder take it wasn't just a little bit to this on if you want it these these ratios this now on the true the queen taken couple lost so don't get cold i love gendai it's getting little kids the whole thing is really quite that come if you wanna check it out but i just like to see her do that i had seen her inspire her students like just makes me want like i don't know.

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