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This weekend in fact in like five hours six hours wrestle mania will indeed take place it's gonna be very different it's gonna be two nights it's going to be in front of zero people it's already been pre recorded so it's already in the can he's going to be with the a love it or hate it the most you can memorable WrestleMania of all time and joining me right now a guy why listen to host the show for many years now I'm I'm a one of your original listeners and that is David Greco of busted open which you can hear on SiriusXM and you can see his face throughout wrestling arenas across the country when fans are there holding up a big placard of his head Dave good to talk to you how are you what's up and then how are you my friend good to finally be all over you it's an honor and I've been listening to you so long that it was more men and lo Greco on busted open I think I started listening to right around WrestleMania thirty during the the rise of Daniel Bryan that's when I started to become a fan and I tell you what I love about you guys and obviously now with bully ray and Mark Henry and in this is specific for you dates only kiss your rear end before we talk wrestling around us I feel like you know everything and I like that because I'm a geek myself for wrestling but you my friend blow me away and I love and that is why I would hope to me to your show six years ago well I appreciate that and I know you've been a fan for a long time Hey you know what it's good to have the New York show called me the longer the gas so I appreciate that at the bank well I'm honored that you said yes to coming on with these first of all I'm glad there's a WrestleMania I know it's not going to be perfect I know there's going to be complaints about it and all that how do you feel about the fact that the show is going on in the adjustments that they've made for there to be a WrestleMania today and tomorrow you know this is obviously as you know the big topic throughout these last three weeks on the show and even this week when we're usually party and we have a WrestleMania parties in one party with the nation you know now we're talking about whether the show should have gone on or not I know for myself when I woke up this morning it still felt like WrestleMania it's I still got that kind of jolt of adrenaline obviously it's not the same man who did you go it's not with no fans were used to seventy five eighty five thousand people being in attendance this is completely different than anything we've ever seen before but I'm glad that at least I have a four hour skate tonight and tomorrow night where I can sit on the couch and watch some pro wrestling to watch WrestleMania so for that alone I'm happy that they went on with the show you know it's funny the last couple years it feels like WrestleMania it's got longer and longer and longer to wear when the show finally ends it really jumped out at me with the Roman reigns triple H. made of it a few years ago in Dallas that the thought of going to two nights is always kind of made sense the last couple years now I'm not sure how you do it ticket wise which event one would want to go to but the two night aspect appeals to me because it gives these matches more time to breathe in developed and you're not exhausted by the end of the night are you know the first like they did it is the one that you brought up WrestleMania thirty two like that was the first time I remember WrestleMania blowing past eleven PM eastern time and now it's become common practice to get an eight hour WrestleMania which is crazy and triple H. and Batista I thought put on a really good match last year but nobody cared because they were just waiting for the show and you don't want that so I think actually if they're gonna learn one thing from this weekend is split either they got to cut down on time or to get a split it on Saturday and Sunday but they gotta do something they can't have these marathon shows anymore it is a very important question all right I I value your opinion greatly I believe the last match of the night as the main event that's it okay there's no five main events there's no three main events I remember back to WrestleMania eight oh what's the double main event wasn't double main event the match that ends the night is the main event period end of discussion with it being two nights should we say that whatever closes Sunday is the true main event of WrestleMania thirty six yes I think the the the Max that we see close Sunday is the most important match of the weekend yes I think I I'm with you I'm old school the last night and you should be a championship match N. B. should be your true main event of WrestleMania do you both do anything differently because of the fact that we don't have a crowd so I mean the example I give is they have obviously done a great job of building drew McIntyre and I think that that feels like the main event is going on the weekend to me the main event the event that they spent a lot of time on his Brocken McIntyre started off at royal rumble because the reason that crowd pay off which is a part of closing WrestleMania would you actually consider keeping the belt on Brock and having McIntyre get his moment down the road with people in attendance they kill me on this I don't think McIntyre should one if there was eighty five thousand really I truly believe diluted so maybe there should be there's rock you should go the distance he said I have this amazing match with Brock Lesnar but he should lose they should continue to build on this story I know it's been a thirteen year story in the making for drew McIntyre but I actually think it would make him that much bigger he could become the face of the franchise so to speak if they just laid off just a little bit and have it happen after WrestleMania thirty six and now on top of it we feel crowded at times and and they can't really truly have that amazing WrestleMania moment I think Brock Lesnar should retain this week here's a here's my question if you close the night and close WrestleMania with Barack retaining you gonna get a lot of angry people man I mean you know that even after he beat Roman reigns a couple years ago and Roman isn't exactly beloved there was this kind of role model really prox retaining so could you will close the weekend with Brock Lesnar as great as he is he is great he's all of Famer Heimans the best manager of all time we're in agreement on that but can you really close mania like that I'm here now it's the argument the other way like if this was a fun eighty thousand fans and this wasn't going on maybe you could do it but now that we have a pandemic on our hands and everybody's using this weekend as an escape I mean you really can not have everyone go to bed on Sunday night happy could you not put smiles on people's faces and it's really really tough time in our world so you can actually now make the argument for the other side how they really need to have drew McIntyre that's what makes WrestleMania so fascinating Y. L. only ending up with your we don't we don't know what's going to happen this year the nonprofit might get you excited for tonight excited data under your what sort of phone conversation media trust me I had the conversation this morning with my wife I said look I got some bad news for you because we don't really break down wrestling that much and she said what's that I said WrestleMania is two nights and she said oh my god so you're going to be basically just watching wrestling for the next two nights I said yes instead of one night of wrestling it's too so I I definitely warned her about my excitement but I'm not I guess I'm not scream at the top of my lungs ready yet Dave maybe maybe a few hours I'll be there in our office about at what this okay this is not giving anyone recognize in the audience I know every time I got to tell you the first time I saw that because I'm watching it I listen to your show as much as I can like IB senior line of I listen every second I just can't but I listen when I can when I'm in the mood I turn you on I listen you guys break down wrestling you're my go to and I didn't know this was going on all of a sudden I'm watching one day and I see your face and what what what what happened here and so you're you're really blew up Dave congratulations on that and you know what the crazy thing is I haven't made one penny on each milligram things are making you know only for me because you know I suffer from like to find that the only made to make no money out of the question of being in every major arena around the country you're making a big mistake let me get to some of these other because last night we're talking to Dave the Greco hose busted open all about wrestling last night I'm curious about SmackDown because we've all read the rumors that Roman reigns rightfully so he's not gonna fight at WrestleMania I don't think anybody has a problem with that we all understand the health problems he's had in the past and why it would be safe for him not to wrestle no issue but I was waiting last night for a story you know even triple H. alluded to you gotta watch the storyline develop pro there was no story line all of a sudden I don't know where to like you know by the way Braun Strowman is fighting bill Goldberg and it ticked me off like can you give me a reason why it's happening with precision by the W. gave you a I mean this was the perfect opportunity to take and have that Uman element about what's going on in our world right now like it's seriously like why would you not just say Hey you know what Roman reigns after his battle with leukemia you know we felt it was unsafe for him to compete at WrestleMania thirty six everybody understands what's going on I don't like the fact that the W. W. yes Joe's into just ignore this whole situation we all know about it that's why I love what eighty W. did their first show in front of no crowd that Cody Rhodes start to show and explain exactly what everybody already knew and that's what's going on with this pandemic in the corona virus the W. W. is chosen to go down another Afghan even mentioned it at all and I think that's a really big mistake and it shows no weakness on Roman reigns part they could have just said because of his battle with leukemia the W. W. we felt it was unsafe for him to compete against bill Goldberg this weekend at WrestleMania and I think it would have made the story better and I think it would be to Roman reigns breaker down the road I I completely agree I mean there's so many I think you could have done the honest answer like you said or even some you can even write a story line if you wanted instead it's just out of nowhere now when that match happens it might if I had to guess I don't know I assume that match is gonna close tonight because I think that's the other main event as a universal championship match we'll see if I'm right during that match what are they gonna say because there's been no build up towards Stroman getting this match or they could do you think the broadcasting dealing Cole says anything about what led to this match how they handle it I I I you know what I think they're going to go the route that they did last night because why does Braun Strowman all people deserve a championship back to within that long but we will talk about the bottle so we will be better now I think one scrimmage at a championship opportunity a year and a half ago and they never you know never gave him the ball and see where he could run with it I mean I think it's going to be a good batch but yeah I mean as far as the story I don't know what story they could sell and less now be decided to be honest about what the situation was like as a matter of fact about tickets that are there because they did nor did the whole time I think Vince McMahon should start WrestleMania tonight I think you should start talking about how the W. W. we made the decision because of everything that's going on for the WWE universe they didn't want to let their fans down and they're presenting WrestleMania and and wish everyone well and everyone is out there the truck drivers the grocery store works the nurses.

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