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USA NA the casting of a black woman is a Disney princess A. P. entertainment editor Oscar was gable reports a cable network is firing back at critics Disney on cable outlet free form has been under the gun from critics who disagree with the idea of casting a black woman in the lead role of an upcoming version of The Little Mermaid but free form is making the discussion of free fall it has been ripping its critics who have taken to social media with the hashtag not my Ariel to protest the casting of Holly lately as the title character the network says Danish mermaids can be black because people can be almost quills Gabriel a federal appeals court says president trump can't ban critics from his Twitter account AP correspondent Shelley Adler reports a three judge panel has agree with a lower court judge who said president trump violates the first amendment when he blocks critics the ruling came in a case brought by the ninety first amendment institute at Columbia University it had sued on behalf of seven people blocked by the president after they criticized his policies the appeals court said the first amendment does not permit a public official using a social media account to exclude people from an otherwise open online dialogue because they disagree with the official I surely after a first your major leaguer wins the home run derby and as a P. is not loading reports takes home a big prize that two thousand nineteen home run derby came down to a battle between two rookies as the New York Mets Pete Alonso took home the one million dollar prize defeating Vladimir Guerrero junior the blue jays in the final round twenty three to twenty two Guerrero put on a show progressive fielding a single derby record ninety one homers in his three rounds the Mets rookie though won the derby with eighteen seconds left to play has he slammed his twenty third Homer to overtake Carrero in the final round about Lodhi Cleveland AP radio I Jackie Quinn the obamacare healthcare laws being argued in a federal appeals court in.

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