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Number dot com. Special financing subject. Credit approval. Minimum Monthly payments quietly store for details. 6 35 times, Jeffries and don Price. OK, it's the freaky, fun fighting edition with Peas and some Friday I'm going to mispronounce that and getting some trump you and Lydia, you could jump in here at 51283605 will be our undoing. So there is some silly footage that is circulating locally in cyberspace footage, and it shows the moments that a motorcycle Austin police officer What is making an arrest of a woman who was really agitating the cops and agitating the crowd. If you will. No doubt she was a pain. Let me set the stage. The motorcycle police officers were riding slowly behind a crowd of protesters who were marching in the streets in downtown Austin. Providing security for the peaceful protesters, right Helping them and behind the motorcycle officers is Rosalinda Noodle Trevino. 40 years old in her SUV behind the officers, honkin yelling, Adam getting too close, and finally the officer stopped. To talk to her to back off. She got belligerent. An arrest was made. She was handcuffed. The officer has her, you know, in the front of a squad car to AH, researcher And he uses the back of his hand to go underneath the brawl line to make sure there's no weapons or drugs because that's protocol when you make it arrest you've got to search the suspect. Because sometimes people hide things in the brawl. Okay, Weapons and drugs, okay? And and she, she insisted she wanted a female police officer. It all unfolded very quickly. And obviously there's a bunch of cellphones recording and agitating the officers during the whole process. Agitators big time. That's Rosalinda screaming at the top of a long don't know what you talked about. Seems like she may have some mental health issues. Honestly,.

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