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Welcome TO EPISODE NUMBER FIFTY. Eight of the grab blogger podcast. It's the podcast. We're hoping decks the world through online business spike us. We're helping you by giving you the tools and tips to strategy and tricks. You need to succeed in building online based on your expertise and changed the world with the difference that you WanNa make with your online business. I'm your host Dr Chris. Cloney IT as up so we're talking about newsletter marketing more specifically the analytics from a marketing campaign that Iran for my two thousand twenty digital safety conference at SAP DESIGNS DOT COM. Those who've that have been listening for a while we'll note. This is part of the marketing. Your online conference series. We grab blogger. And this is the third episode in this series. What is the podcast series? This is like multi threading. It's like when you're watching net flicks and you have all these different stories in one show and they kind of jump in and out. We do that with the PODCASTS. As well so every so often will bring up old threat that we've started or Noel series. We started previously in the PODCAST. Talk about that more. The case of this conference thread marketing. Your online conference series. The reason we're bringing this up now that we're done the conference now the couple of episodes that we did before were during the the marketing phase of of doing the conference we actually hosted the conference back in February two twenty. We had a great event. Now going back through all the analytics and tracking. If you're going to wear things went really well and where? Maybe they didn't go so well. And we'll share those over the crowd blogger podcast so if you have not listened to the previous episodes before the safety conference was hosted from dust safety signs dot com. We had almost two hundred and fifty people attending register for the event is fully online event. Four days with fifty two presentations and we through that process. I try to record as many as the marketing sessions. I could also track all the lakes I could. I come then share the back on this podcast..

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