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Point after the third now check a live witness whether from Tiffany Simona will continue to increase this morning as temperatures start off in the twenties and thirties moderate to major tidal flooding looks likely down the Jersey Shore and the Delaware beaches during high tide which falls between ten and eleven AM as we take it to the afternoon we stay cloudy chilly and breezy highs around forty two Carolina sprinkler to in the city but the better chance for showers will be for areas south and east closer to the coast showers still possible overnight we drop to thirty six and scattered showers patchy drizzle possible on Monday as well with highs around forty five right now overcast here at broadcast center thirty five degrees going up to forty two three things coming up Turkey trot time Elise biggest thanksgiving races November twenty eighth five miles the valley green in Fairmount park area residents with hunger and health needs go to face to face Germantown dot org to sign up face to face Germantown dot org check back two three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio now at nine forty five mass shootings are forcing the medical community change the way it deals with victims the much hyped cry out of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick turns into a section of where's Waldo as the site ship recapping our top story two people shot in Friday's attack at a South Jersey football game remains in the hospital police arrested several people including the alleged target that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good morning I'm.

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