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Offer. Last loss was to you. Yeah trying to keep it that way. So so you get back tonight you you get to quarantine and then you like all right. Look look at my last fight. What I've been doing. What am I thinking? I got a little emotional. I got a lot of family. Time now. Built up overflowing. Let me get back into clear that what goes through your head a lot of that for sure right because you don't expect you know what I'm thinking retirement. I'm thinking I'm GonNa go back. I'M GONNA start being on the road again. I'm not going to see my family as much. It's going to be stressful enough with just commentary. Which makes me think okay. Well at least if I'm just doing that I'll have time to see. Then everything is shutdown. And it's been you know eight weeks nine weeks where I've pretty much been home the whole time and spending nothing but I'm with the family so now my well I could go away for at least one more. You know what I mean. I put the overtime here at so we'll see though it really depends on timing and how this all plans out because you know I. I'm going to be busy with commentary now once we get going if Dana gets this ball rolling. I'm GonNa be working these shows because I will be in. I'm I'm scheduled to go to Florida if things go down so not for May ninth but the the you know we got two more shows after that they need commentary desk work. So we'll I'll be finding out what's what's going to happen. What do you think happens? You Division is so good And obviously is such a an interesting choice to fight Ferguson? Nobody is disappointed about that to see those to go out. I think that's almost as interesting as as hit against heavy. What what do you think happens in this fighting? I know they're hard to predict now. They're so hard to predict You know I I like. Hp chances are a lot more now that he's had a little more time to prepare. Nine just goes out on his shield so much that I think he's either going to you know like even said he's like I if I don't go in there and and get a knockout her finish him. He doesn't see himself getting his hand race. And you got to appreciate a guy like that. That knows that his style is. You're either taking me out or I'm taking you out. He doesn't want it to be a decision. He's GonNa go at you until you either catch him or he catches you but As far as predictions you know I have no clue. You say that when he came in when he fourteen or fifteen when he came didn't get you go again. I know my style lends itself to be a knocked out. It's probably going to happen eventually. He said something that will happen. Resent he was waiting and he kept saying he's waiting to meet is equal and you know and he found that in the UFC which is why he wanted to come over here and why. He wanted to compete. You know not just in these other organizations. He wanted to come here so that he could do that. And then rise up like he has again. You know what I mean. He took his losses. He found the guys that were just as good as him and he worked on the things he needed to work on. And now he's you know fighting for an interim belt and potentially fighting for the the lightweight title. So you know everybody kind of comes at me. A lot of his fans. Come at me hating on me. Because I've called him out over the years and I've said some things about them but I I always back it up with saying anything I say about Justin or Tony is out of complete respect and you know I recognized their skill so trump people people give me shit but it is what it is guys. I WANNA fight the guys that are the best and those guys are those. Those guys came with Connor. Disabled any of these guys. Of course I WANNA fight them. Say THINGS ABOUT THEM GUYS? What do you? What do you expect us to do if we're all together? I'M NOT GONNA sit back and keep quiet. You know otherwise I might as well just retired fucked atman enough range. You could use some enemies and you're right you're right that's that's a true statement right there as I got. We got enough people in our lives. You don't need. You don't need twitter to love. You do jared below man. That's all you need for a hilarity. At least that's all I need is my roofing for guys is some of the guys. I haven't here philly between them. The text message groups that I'm in on a daily basis. Keep me laughing my ass off on this. I need one other friend. I don't give a shit I by Jimmy Beverly Let me issue after this fight with with Tony Adjusted. I am intrigued. I am intrigued with a fight between everybody talks about Tony Versa. Bieb and obviously I WANNA to see that everybody wants to see that what about Justin versus need. Just fucking pot who keeps guy down down work and relaxing. Its Guard fight once I saw and then he gets back up but he wants who the guy down. He's devastating his power standing up. Endurance is it is top notch. Kicks I would love to see him if he beats Tony. Instead of what would have fight with Abib. How would you see that going? I think that's I think that's even more intriguing because of the wrestling background. That Justin just use it purely for defense right so I know. Habib is an absolute monster when it comes grappling but I wanna see somebody really that is is is as good of a grappler as abib tried to take down. Justin and see if he can if he can neutralize that and keep it on his feet. That's that's a real bad fight for beaming. I'm not saying to all those guys out there. We're GONNA come at us now either. I'm not saying that's going to happen. I'm not saying could be can't take down but that intrigued me. 'cause Justin has such a solid wrestling background that we barely even get to see. Imagine if you really did tap into that imagine if he was taking guys down putting them on their backs and using that power that he has to to ground and pound. We're only seeing a portion of what that guy is actually capable of. That's how mentally crazy to me is that he's like now. I'm here because I like to fight. Now he's wrestled back in college and high school. I don't need to do that anymore. I just want to punch people in the face and kick their legs off well. Connor I mean did better on the ground again to be. The people thought he would. He lasted longer than people. People tap the first round any wound up going into the fourth so I thought that his defense was better than people expected. I feel like he's a better grappler than he gets some credit for you know he's gotten caught by D. as he sat some issues in the past. But if you really watch me. Swept the as at one point in their first or second fighting sets moments of seems like a legit Jitsu guy under cavenaugh but Habib's just a different of relentless animal. You know he would have given up on certain take downs or positions on the ground. He just doesn't stop right. I would have been like all right. Well she had. I can't keep this guy on his back I'm GonNa he's GonNa stay up for Awhile. He's like now. I'm just going to do until I die. Also issue now have power in his hands. I think it'd be heavy hands. He doesn't get better with it. And I said that before that you see's working on his boxing He stood that one round with Connor. And you might not want it but he he did that to prove a point and then was able to get to take down in the round that he wanted so he's a smart guy and he's a very very technical martial artists out there. He doesn't do things that are just for show. He doesn't go out there and try to appease anybody he. He implements his game plan and gets the win and you know he's got a huge following. It's nice to see somebody that doesn't really talk a lot of trash. Just defend himself and does his thing you know and goes out there and fights and MMA fight and people love it. It's nice to see. Well Paul I gotta be really happy that you've changed your mind about retiring really happy. I mean you're a great announcer and I listen to you and qualified great at it. But you know I I would like to see a couple of more Paul felder fighters guys in that division. I still I'll never rest until you and I went to fight. Still fucking heard about that one getting into the right. Now please as a fan this yet. That's just too fucking another guy that you know I have about respect for al knows that too. I've seen them all I see on the road Moment when we were functioning as organization and this stuff wasn't going on is we see each other all the time. We see each other ring a combat she. Fc shows. I mean it's you know to East Coast guys that have very similar mindset so I just wish I was good at selling real estate like he is. That'd be sweet right now. Once this is done people are GonNa WanNa buy stuff. Well it's always good talking to you man and you know again. Congratulations on the dog. And I hope you again soon Buddy Airport. You guys yeah. I'm glad I got this one in. And hopefully you guys stay safe and keep their minds occupied. I know this is Times Yanks. Times man throw will our party. Greg spotting really is great news. His decision to maybe fight again is really happy because he really one of those guys like Justin. You never don't want to watch him fight. His fights never suck. He's always in it until the last second again. Three out of five losses split decisions people about quarantine if it wasn't for the quarantine maybe we would not have seen both. Are I gotta get something good at us? Something horrendous. We'LL LOOK. Here's some good news before we go. It's April twenty-seventh a twelve days. Whatever it is until the fight so a week from this Saturday we got fights so where we got something forward to. I mean we have that we have Bret Okamoto's song fight island is I mean. We're GONNA listen to that That should be played as we're closing the show and you know between that and my all my favorite musical artists are all see related now because we know a big fan of tyrod s really falling in and out of love even though that you should be in no. But here's what I WANNA do. I wanted to have a conversation with Mrs Sarah and ask you what she really thinks about this. She's not a fan. She's not a fan Jimmy. She's helping the kids in the in the dining room doing the homework or mind getting frustrated. Three kids she goes to their dobra husband is got the. He's got a headset on all leaning out..

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