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Wins he answered some very important questions including one from our Juliet Papa let's listen to that yes hi good morning Mister Turner how are you good Julian how you feel okay thank you so my question is this I called three one one this morning to inquire about office of the food program and the delivery program I don't have to tell you what happened I was on hold for ten minutes and I I did find that and then when I did get through to somebody who is very nice R. I was told that there was they couldn't process anything or register or me or whoever would call and I would have to call back at eleven o'clock because the system wasn't available so how can people get to work that they need and the third basically failures to really probably rely on their phones more than you know going to a computer to look look something up or register yes people do Julie I'm glad you did that I appreciate it I'm very frustrated by the report you're giving me I have a lot of respect for the folks in my team of in fighting this battle and a lot of respect for the good people at three one one nine visit with them a few weeks ago and really really appreciate their work but I have been saying to my team incessantly we have to make sure that people get served immediately and we need quality control on three one one and bluntly you just proved what I've warn people about that no one should have to go through what you went through I understand sometimes there's a surge in demand and we in fact yesterday emphasized to all new Yorkers that food will be available for anyone who needed that delivery because they were vulnerable or a senior couldn't get out a disabled person who made that very clear SA so does not surprise me Juliet there be a spike in the number of calls after I told all the Yorkers this food is there for you no matter what we're going to feed you and maybe the system maybe they did not put enough personnel on to address that spike I don't like that but at least I can understand that but it is not acceptable to me and I'm going to deal with that right after this a press conference it's not acceptable that anyone would be put on hold for ten minutes for anything in the middle of a crisis it's not acceptable to people be told to call back later it's just not that we were supposed to do things so I'm going to be really honestly pissed off at the people who are supposed to be handling this why have warned repeatedly to not let this happen and we will fix it today I'll just order more personnel is exactly the kind of thing that I'm making a priority we will spend whatever the hell it takes and get as many personnel as it needed to ensure that doesn't happen and you're totally right Julie at that seniors are much more likely to use the phone number we can you know we can give out the website to look how's come home put it in the end most seniors I pick up the phone and a lot of people don't speak English and they need to have the translation to when they call so I will get this fixed today and I want you to test it again tomorrow please and call in and I'll turn to our colleagues and say when you call in to give your report I want to.

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