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Is the phillies do this down in fifth third healthy because there are the worst human based on their rebuild and they've carpool lot of kids this year the mets of did it obviously with dominic smith on friday night if a team is rebuilding or retooling or is they're going through a phase and they call up young players to the big leagues especially young players that you know you think are going to be part of the future it is one thing if you call a guy up to just be up for weeks than whatever but i'm talking about agai you really believe in housing play every day or coast every day why would you have a player that you you think is a core peace your future instead i'm on the bench who drives me nuts no one wants to watch who if you're going to put out there and i understand the trying to win and you might do a matchup thing but let's get real for the mets the rest of the year due care more about if they can inch their way to seventy five wins or whatever the heck they could get to all you care more about watching rosario every day watching dominic smith if i'm sandy alderson i wanna watch those guys every day i want a chance to see how good they are how they adjusted bigleague pitching how they handle playing every day at the big league level for a month because that's what i'm going to go off of when i say all right this is what we have in these guys and i'm gonna say are i think ozorio could be an allstar next year i think smith could be a very good whatever whenever you think of these guys you need to see it though it can't just be i think he he got to know a little bit and that's what you call him up so i hope zeri collins the rest of the way plays resort island smith every day and as far as granted six to go back to two wills point he's streaky he's always been streaky but i think when you evaluate a streaky hitter you got to look at the big picture if a guy it's 25 home runs a year and he plays good defense and he's consists in his consistently in the lineup you know.

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