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Victor Willis, Caitlyn Jenner, David London discussed on Glenn Beck


That's right Victor was the only straight member of the group date assembled call the. Village people the other guys were all and their audiences at concerts were often mostly gay as a straight black man that might. Seem limiting So in one thousand nine hundred eighty the. Movie, can't stop the music which by the way they could featuring the village. People less Victor Willis and co starring Valerie for Ryan Steve Gutenberg Tammy Grimes and. Caitlyn Jenner when she was still known as Bruce well that movie opened and closed virtually the same weekend. Because disco was dead That the movie was horrible Even the soundtrack featured the voice of David London who is really Fergie Frederiksen the lead singer of. TOTO and, it's still flopped in fact the village people never had another hit Victory recorded, a solo album in nineteen seventy nine It was never released for, thirty five years then drugs, took over his life his wife leash divorced him. And she became the TV wife to. Bill, Cosby, you know, her better as Felicia Rashad. Now finally Victor Willis the preacher son from Dallas. He got himself clean and in two thousand twelve he sued under the one thousand nine hundred seventy six copyright, law to recover the rights. To his songwriting credits and he won the lawsuit so he, now owns a. Full fifty percent of the, village.

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