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About a startup where the outcome is unknown yeah so it's danced the outcome is known it's a pretty big substantial business now the question is to sort of like how big how long what's its ultimate destiny but it's not going to zero yeah um whereas when you're in a startup and everything's at risk it's very binary language could it could take doubted it will end your idea i guess the part that is missing now is when we first started stance i remember i sat down with my friends from college and he's been a very successful entrepreneur and he told me about your new deal it's like oh yeah and he was totally expecting something tagore may be consumer electronics because of skull kandiah software he said suck and i just looked at him now i'm amid even better than like men's hosiery i love that he is i hung come again i it took him mooney you to see they're just like fog in his head you and then i said i think about skull candy what they did with headphones what if we applied that kind of design aesthetic to sox you know that's that's the thing and said oh i totally get it okay i'm it i want invest one hundred grand suites that had quick any is like because a one or two things will happen either one you're a total failure this was a stupid idea in aminat's you for the rest of your life your about the time you took a hundred thousand bucks for me for men sozeri for men cells radio and it will be the joke that i tell till the day we die or it so counter intuitive it'll actually work everyone else is thinking sneaker you're thinking salk it's different and if it does work cool than i'll make a ton of money so either way i win i'm in and you know that is like really great honest feedback 'cause most everyone else either says oh great idea awesome idea or they tell you you're nuts he shouldn't do it yeah um in and so to have one of your friends kinda give you the real though real value the the validation so anyways send up working it's ended up that the idea was validated it worked we have a business.

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