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Marshall was was covering the Acosta resignation today and I equated it Serena and you can tell me if I was wrong to a purple walk I mean you could speak of the poor guy was made to stand there for a half hour while president you know the first sound like he was defending the guy and then and then secretary Acosta had to get up and say I'm leaving and then had to stand there for for the rest that time usually when you get canned or you resign you like to get out of there Walmart sure I visit him getting tanned by any means in fact the president stood there and call them a great guy but even the president's senior staff had no idea that is happening until the two of them walked out of that meeting and inform his teammate accepted across his resignation Andy it's not unusual to have the president talking and have him and be flanked by his secretary's that's a pretty standard for president trump so I I think I got so was grateful to have the president's support to verses being forced out this was as the president sat across his decision to leave it wasn't really because he was sucking the air out of the room for the president I mean it it was all about Jeffrey up steam and and Alex Acosta and when you up stage the president you know unless it's helping the president you know there's a target on your back it was the one who encouraged him to have that news conference the other day and one source close the president said that they his initial reaction was surprise that causes us a more about accidents victims however multiple sources insist the president did not want to casa leaves position he stood by any late what he was doing and labor secretary he said even as he announced the resignation that he wasn't a good at labor secretary with a great labor secretary and at a cost that came in Friday morning until it was time to go because he was as you said I'd stealing the focus it was not able to focus and their words on the great economy and other administrative administration priorities and because of that he offered his resignation the president did not push back you know I I wonder too is Serena if if a brand new court hearing a court battle a trial could expose more details and what that agreement was all about how the king to be in that you know there's just more embarrassment ahead and we we hear the Mick Mulvaney was not a big fan of Alex Acosta although do you know that that's kind of off the record I can't tell if it's fake news or not but you know you hear rumors when you started when you when it when these whispers stark in little louder of you think there's something there there well need resignation does come as we've learned the nearly a dozen new allege obscene victims of come forward so add that timing is interesting but the president like I said was standing by him as he offered that resignation and announced it to everybody all right to A. B. C. Serena Marshall at the capitol I thank you so much Serena appreciate it thanks mark all right she she touched upon something right there and ABC's Erica turkeys going to join us now from New York and that is that you know this this new abstain investigation is just getting started and there was some big news that was recently announced and and Erin welcome back to the show good to be here we you know with their workers have have come over to me and the sex trafficking case and that's exactly what the authorities were you know we're looking for they they want more women to come forward to help build their case but also to to make sure that the you know the women are concealed listened to it where they may not have a decade ago when he entered into a plea deal yeah what now and Alex Acosta years ago of defended the deal with up to what was that deal because I keep hearing Alex Acosta had a fifty one point of view no indictment ready to go against Jeffrey abstain and then settle for this work release program what what happened but at what what's where's the disconnect well we don't know what exactly happened or what the terms of the negotiations were but they they did have a yellow and in two thousand eight and I did have an indictment prepared and and to listen to Alex Acosta version Kristin was prepared to to let him know and the had stepped in here locally you can make sure that you have spent at least a little time in jail and registered as a sex offender Florida prosecutors remember differently and say look if you really were worried about what we were doing you could applaud your indictment but to to a lot of folks in hindsight it looks like rich man's justice so fast forward eleven years the Kurds in New York or in the case and Alex Costa resigned under pressure yes the rich man's justice appears to what the may have come down will we ever know you know the details of that deal Erin or is this this is all I think we do I mean we know that you know what to say had prepared to charge him with thanks to the Miami Herald reporting they dug into all this stuff and found that you know really what the basis is for the charges he faces not of the extent of his alleged sex trafficking conspiracy and the women that were brought to his homes in in different places in Florida New York and elsewhere what they were used for and how they were in court accord recruiting on on behalf of on behalf of Jesse as teens allegedly constant depraved desires but you don't do it we know there was a breakfast meeting that Alex Acosta blow up and say well who goes to the office at seven o'clock when medical practice but you know we don't know what it with a cozy today was was there a campaign contribution Coniston water was this the granted you know that we we just don't really have a handle on all right of all the president's men ABC's Erin to Turkey in New York Erin thank you so much we do appreciate it thank you how many acting secretary Sir there now is I mean I've lost track of of how many are in the administration but of it it's it's been a rough week for the president between the senses and this by the way on the upstream case well Alex Acosta stood there right the president is turning to the cameras and then he says this about Jeffrey up steam I was not a fan of.

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