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If you were to extrapolate the afc east enters focus in on like the real football teams have to play whether or not the number spikes up there it's my ansari you you they six wales automatically ordinary every year to schedule come out of this this i mean us why there's there's five wins automatically syncs automatically there right and then you go yeah they're really enjoying good no saying that's what i'm saying they going to steal another so you give him six vehicles still another three outside the jail nine the neglect a fight friday right they're gonna fight a couple of teams get you know a couple more take always b twelve and four i just zone where i tend to lose one in the one of the division two each team almost every year feels like no not to each team not not to instock no almost every year no they may lay may drop one game to a team in the division is that what you meant no no no no no he's not catch no morons and buffalo what i did this year are not going to be able to agree ray has a losingrecord at miami no brady loses to miami a renowned in but they're not going to lose three games in the division there's no way to every year necessary that's what i said every every year they might lose to one team right they may lose to a miami this year next jiji of jet or the gentle had them a couple of years when rex was there you have a groin into it you don't even look at you got when you look at the schedule ugo they'll win all these they may drop it in miami because they're tired at the end of the year they may lose they lose lo lose a game in buffalo occasionally or whatever or a jail last ronnie lost the buffalo uh i wanna say last year this your name of the before lahser on a valerie lee held us as a mike moore original point when you have those kind of opponents who don't have potent offense is to.

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