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70. Mackie brothers Drew Shannon News 93.1 KFBK, and we've got 54 in Granite Bay, 52 in GALT and 54 in Roseville. Now 602 a k PK Your top national story. President Trump's historic second impeachment could go to trial as soon as Inauguration day with US senators serving not only is jurors but as personal witnesses and victims of the deadly siege of the capital by a mob of supporters as CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reports It would take at least 17. Republican. Yes votes to reach the two thirds majority needed to convict Mr Trump. North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer probably won't be one of them. I thought it was inappropriate. I thought it was insightful, but I don't think that it rises to. Ah, unteachable a fence by any stretch of Florida Republican Rick Scott probably won't be either. Did he tell people to go into the capital? Absolutely not. In what may have been a bid to sway the jury. President Trump disavowed the rioters again in a video released by the White House last night. Also your top local story Governor Gavin Newsom, says the state is preparing for possible unrest surrounding the inauguration of President elect Biden. There will be no tolerance for violence. That's why today along with the CHP and Office of Emergency Services, I've activated the California National Guard, he says. What we witnessed last weekend Washington D. C was an undemocratic assault on our Republican the freedoms on which our nation was founded. 40 will take every necessary measure. Protect public safety and our democratic principles and to ensure that those disgraceful actions are not repeated here. Newsome says California's taking important steps to protect public safety at the state Capitol. The governor and his team are also coordinating closely with local, state and federal law enforcement in assessing threats and sharing intelligence warnings. Now with Kate because Joe Michael's city, some lawmakers are asking the army to do more to help National Guardsmen Station to the capital more from CBS News correspondent Steve Dorsey in washing 10 after photos inside the Capitol building showed members of the National Guard's sleeping on the floor House Appropriations Committee chair Rosa Dolor Oh, and Minnesota Democrat Betty McCollum want the army to respond. We're asking the secretary of the Army to give them cuts to sleep on, saying they were disappointed to see them sleeping on the floor. The CHP is revoking apartment for the scheduled stop The steel pro Trump protest plan to take place on Sunday. Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg is praising the CHP for revoking that permit, saying the premise of the demonstration is without merit giggle. I think he's called out as such, Steinberg being briefed by the city's police, chief, state and federal law enforcement authorities ahead of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration something he says they're prepared for tonight's premiere for this. Remember, this is a new 10 weeks there has been violence. It hasn't been As bad obviously, is what happened in Washington D. C, but it was serious enough. And I think the CHP made the right call Sacramento City officials currently working with state and federal law enforcement authorities, along with city police and the county Sheriff's Department to coordinate efforts to ensure the state capital is protected at all costs. NBC News parent company, NBC. Universal is launching a journalist development program KFBK Sarah Bartlett tells us it's in partnership with universities and colleges serving people of Color. Nbcu Academy is a multi year partnership with 17 different schools that will work with professionals to develop courses and provide equipment. The academy is a $6.5 million investment, including $3.5 million in scholarships over the next two years. The universities and colleges are across New York, California, Georgia. Texas, Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, Louisiana and the Carolinas. Sarah Bartlett News 93.1 KFBK..

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