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Think red, now to Christiane. Down in Dallas number 22 s M U and Navy knotted up at seven a piece in the second quarter fullback Nelson Smith with Russian touchdown for the Mids. They're underway in Charlottesville. You've a hosting number 15, North Carolina, and it took the Tar Heels less than two minutes to score their opening touchdown. They lead the Cavaliers right now. Seven. Nothing early on in the first quarter has been a tough year from Virginia thus far, who's just won four on the year? The biggest college football game of the day is taking place in Happy Valley Right now Number three Ohio State to me, at least, looks like the best team in the country. Buckeyes ahead of number 18 Pence ST. 14 to 3 in the first quarter of the Buckeyes methodically marched down the field on their first offensive drives first to offensive Dr Scoring touchdowns. Really, Penn State really shouldn't have that field goal, a questionable roughing the passer call extended their drives They were able to get in field goal range. Virginia Tech outlasting Louisville this evening 42 to 35 2 top 15 teams going down on this Halloween edition of college football Saturday. Texas beating number six Oklahoma State 41 to 30 for it over time, and it was Michigan State topping number 13 Michigan 27 2 24. I'm Christiane w T o P. Sports Thank you, Chris. Coming up after traffic and weather. Dozens of missing Children have been found. It's 8 17 were movers. Diamond importers. This is Ronnie Mervis.

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