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First intermission of the Mercyhurst Ice Center here in Erie, Pennsylvania. In the 1st 20 minutes of this game, Mercyhurst leads in every stat category except goals. That's the big one that really matters. Air Force got the only goal of this period to 51 Mark Brandon Cook. First goal of the season for the sophomore defenseman. The assists on the plate to a couple of freshman Bryan Adams and will Gavin shots on goal. Mercyhurst doubled up air Force in that category. 11 shots on goal for the Lakers just five. For the Falcons is one penalty called in that period. It was called on Mercyhurst. It came right at the end of that goal that was scored by Brandon Cook, Bryan Adams drew the penalty. You went against the Lakers Air Force over one on the power play 18 face offs in that first period. This isn't a new area that air force really needs to get better at the talked about that in the team meeting today, you've got to be able to dig in. And when those draws, especially those key draws in special teams situations all tonight, it's Mercyhurst. Leading in that category. 18 draws Mercyhurst has won 11 of them. Air Force has won seven block shots. Same again. Mercyhurst with five block shots in the game Air force with just three and 17 in that game on Wednesday, again Sacred heart and that's a staple of this Air force defense is getting in those shooting lanes blocking those shots. 11 of them got through to Zach LaRock, who made 11 saves Air Force just three blocks shots in that period one Nothing as both teams get set to return to the ice here start period. Number two. There was a top exactly rock tested pretty good in the first period and the Falcons were all over Hank Johnson, especially early on They were, but they only got five shots.

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