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Is is the causes in many people's minds of all of this wage disparity in income inequality and that's just not true and in this world were in global world we're in and that's not going to change everybody can't just be out for themselves and and especially a country that believes in openness open trade our economy grew over those years in the twentieth century by being open to the with low tariffs for goods to come into the united states in that help dark highly help the grow welcoming of people from around the world helped our growth of our credibility to the notion of these treaties is to lower tariffs around the world for our right now there's a lot of other barriers in that we weren't aggressive enough on to be frank with you i remember when i was commerce sector i went to japan i think they told me there was one cadillac and all of japan but gm then was not making right cited wheels the you're you're drivers in in japan sit on the right side jim was macomb so there are trying to sell cars that nobody was going to buy but there we underestimated in weren't aggressive enough at the other barriers other than tariffs in these countries that kept us products where do you think we are now on trade presents withdrawn from the tpp wants to renegotiate nafta which you said needs updating what can i think you can improve nafta can you bring back all those quote jobs it's supposedly will overseas excellent now that's ridiculous probably the vast majority of them at this stage are because the technology and because there is a middle class in those countries that manufacturers now want to be closer to the sale of those things i think it's going to be a long period before you see at aggressiveness surround trader a new trade agenda by a president and by the political and what is the impact of the other guy has a it it makes it hard for us of the economic growth that we want just as if you limited immigration it's going to slow down the growth opportunities i believe the same thing about trade but i think there is a there is a strong consensus on both parties to stay away from trade and that's that will make.

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