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Any type of personal care products whether it's so caused medics shampoo you name that anything for your bathroom and you can just scan the barcode and the apple will tell you what harmful chemicals are in it it has a five hundred and fifty thousand plus cosmetics and personal care database the majority are from canada and the us so if you're shopping in the us or canada this app will be very helpful it has something called the dirty meter it's a comprehensive rating that's given alongside detailed and actually really easy to understand information on the ingredients the certifications and the health impacts there are certain chemicals that you can just reading say oh that kind of sounds a little scary this apple actually tell you what the studies have shown what oregon's it affects i mean it's there's a lot of dirty staff that's allowed i in our products in america that are not regulated whatsoever so you can also keep it what it will also do is make a database for you so everything in your bathroom eventually you can have scanned and you can have a whole bathroom rating so i've been using this product a lot lately it also is linked to amazon so if you find a product that is clean and that might not be in the store when you're shopping you can directly order right through the app to amazon in the uk canada and the us so it's a great apps health think dirty and it's free on our way to number one and the hip parade of items that affect us technology technologically speaking again doug technologically speaking four were the focus on both days i love seeing that word this way well i i know as a new word for you as well there is an a startup called bodega and actually they have now since the b since they launched this service which what it is it's chugai's from google who used to work at google they launched a new concept of which they called though data in some in because it basically will replace corner.

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