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As Phoenix residents are joining together to stop the expansion of light. Braille. Coming to serve. James? The Arizona daily independent is reporting. A very interesting story about Phoenix residents and their effort to join together to stop the destructive expansion of light rail. What the grassroot groups claims that the expansion of light rail in Phoenix a will increase traffic congestion amongst other things reduced central avenue and south Phoenix from four lanes to two lanes spent forty percent of the city transportation tax revenue to serve less than one percent of the population. That actually use light rail and lead to years of aggravating construction roadway problems that will bankrupt many small business owners in the center ring other conservative circuits, we have Sam stone who with the chief of staff for city Council Saudi Sam stone. Wh what can you tell us about this light rail? Can I call it uprising? Oh, it's absolutely an uprising. It's not just an uprising. It's a revolt in the peasants have. Pitchforks. And they're coming for the politicians. I love it. What is it that has the people so upset I mean, you're talking about up to forty thousand signatures on this effort to to get Phoenix to stop building destruct? They're calling it destructive expansion of light rail. Well, look all these folks these are folks from south Phoenix three thousand volunteers James three thousand volunteers wherever those people for Martha mcsally, we'd have a new car new Senator hoops, but you know, what I mean three thousand volunteers went out together forty thousand signatures because they've seen what the light rail does everywhere. This train goes you take all the legacy businesses all the housing that the folks there have lived in for decades, and it goes away, and it gets replaced by glossy shiny high rises, and that's great for the big developers. But it's terrible. If you're a resident, and they're about to go in there on south central avenue, cut it down to one lane of travel in each direction and spend the next two years ensuring ever. Business on that road goes out of business refers heard about this a few months ago, but it's not like it's got a lot of coverage from the local media. I mean, the daily independent is on the story now that they had a story when it first came out. But this grassroots efforts has been building without the help of local media local media. I didn't forget help local media has gone out of their way to stuff this effort back in a box. I mean, they've they've said that this effort, which is entirely led by people who south Phoenix is racist. They've said that this effort, which again entirely led by people who live there isn't responding to the needs of citizens in that area. They are doing everything they can to overturn mess, and we've actually done some polling from from our office, and from some folks, I work with we've done polling. There's only exactly one group who supports light rail, and that is white liberals the people the forty thousand signatures, the people who are who are against it. They're saying that this is going to increase traffic congestion crime. And calls gentrification in culturally sensitive communities. I remember, you unite discussing how a former mayor Greg Stanton was a victim of of of light rail. Yeah. I mean, look he he got robbed by a guy who was one of our light rail robbers, right? People can jump on that they don't have a ticket. It's a great way to you. It's the new getaway car for central Phoenix here. And you know, I mean, he's the guy that was pushing this mayor Stanton driving all this this ridiculous train business. And then he gets robbed by one of those folks, these these people in south Phoenix, they know exactly what's coming. Everything may set his right? They're going to get more crime. They're gonna get gentrification that they don't want and they're gonna have their businesses shut down and be snarling traffic for the next fifty years. That's not a good deal. We have Sam stone in the central ring of the conservative circus. He is the chief of staff for a city councilman sowed assist. You know, this forty percent. They're saying forty percent of the city's transportation tax revenue. Is going to be spent to serve less than one percent of the population that use light rail. This is not just a jitter gentrification here. I mean, this really is a misuse of the tax payers dollars to support basically at for lack of a better term. You'll developers fat cats the people with money get this is an insider deal all the way James you hit it exactly right now light rail accounts for one percent of our transit passengers and it's up fifteen percent of our transit dollars when they build all these lines. The by the way, they don't have the money to do that. Because they're running way over budget and everything they built but see a radically if they actually ended up building all those lines they could radically moved to percent of our transit passengers for thirty to forty percent of our transit dollars. So if you're sitting out there right now waiting on a bus, you can blame the light rail because we could have another bus there for you right now to pick you up. Here's what I don't understand. Sam stone from Portland, we're all this mess. Started to Tucson Phoenix walkie to Atlanta everywhere they've installed these light rail systems. It has ended up being a boondoggle that has caused the city's the taxpayers millions of dollars. They run at a deficit. Why why why do we have so many cities that are still enamored by this white elephant? Well, you know, I really have not been able to answer that question. The closest I can come is to say that all the big cities that have really massive rail networks intercity rail networks are all super liberal. And so somehow they think that if they put these massive unreal networks that they're going to make people become liberals. I'm not sure how that's supposed to work because here in Phoenix. It costs us three million dollars per mile per year to maintain the light rail three million per mile per year. Now, what we what would we need to do to build out a light rail system that actually was effective? I'm from Boston. If you got light rail within ten fifteen minute, walk of seventy eighty percent of your population that can make some sense, you know, what that would cost here James at one hundred fifty three million dollars a mile to build that cost forty nine point five billion dollars. Now, please tell me where we're coming up with that ad on a billion a year in maintenance costs against the city budget of three point three total. There is no way this works. It is a pipe dream. And I have no idea what they're smoking. If the city were serious about this public transportation. I mean, you could go to trolleys that are on wheels. You could go to as you just mentioned before a bus system. This is not like going out east in New York City, and in Boston and other major metropolitan areas that started out with public transportation are so spread out in the valley here. That I think the baby your costs. What is all said and done maybe too low as get more expensive. I'm definitely too low. That's at our current cost. That's what it cost us in the past. You know every day it gets more expensive. And the fact of the matter is that fifty billion dollars one hundred billion even if we had all that money. Then you gotta spend the money to maintain it. You're absolutely right. You can put buses electric buses if you don't like the diesel smoke. Let's go out and buy some electric buses. Let's have bus rapid transit lanes. You can do that cheap. All you have to do is paint some lines. You don't have to actually spend millions and billions of dollars laying track. This thing is the ultimate boondoggle. That is absolutely there to serve nobody. But the insiders and the politicians we have Sam stone. Here's a chief of staff for city councilman sailed assist. You'll let me ask you this last question. This grassroots group they have forty petitions out. They have over forty thousand signatures of residents in support of the of the quote. Building a better Phoenix initiative. Do they have a shot in hell as in this expansion? I, you know, I think it's going to be tough. But yeah, absolutely. They do look the fact of the matter is like I said, the only people that really love this light rail or white liberals. So, you know, certainly, they're not going to be able to go get their votes, but they could go get everyone else's the trouble, they have and James, you know, this. It's billions of dollars at stake for all of these people that are gonna make money building that dang train in those folks are going to be willing to spend millions upon millions to make sure they make those billions, and that's the battle that's in front of them. And it's a giant hill. But you know, what I have faith in the people of climate. I have faith in the people as well. And I think you know, is if we were able to just show what other cities who who have done this in terrible shape that it is put their budget in. If that were talked about more if we had more of our local media, not running. Into ferrets. But really speaking you'll get it down to the nuts and bolts of how this is going to cost and how it has devastated communities. I think this would be dead in his tracks. Absolutely. Absolutely. It would be dead in their tracks. If local media really woke up to what this light rail is what it costs what the impacts are. And they were honest about it and didn't just take the democratic line on the subject. Guess what? There is no math. That makes disc acquistion look good. Sam stone chief of staff of four Saudi Cecile city councilman Saudi Cecilio was so funny is you have people who have been parodying. Light rail across America for for decades. We have the Simpsons the say one of the famous Simpson episodes, and there are many of them including the water with Trump's coming down the elevator. You had the Simpsons showing how cities or get bamboozled by by sice tres on this whole light rail issue. Those things are awfully loud. As a cloud. Data could not on your life. My Hindu friend was about Brendan slobs. You'll be given cushy jobs. No good, sir. I'm on the level. The rain came off my putting take my my good, man. I swear it's Springfields only choice..

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