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Died in twenty ten i think and it's a love story and they managed to find early video of the two of them when they're in their early twenties that is just heartbreakingly touching and sweet yeah i want to ask one how much time did you spend with rb g and for how long and what surprised you most about her i think we probably spent a total of about twenty hours with her between various events that she was at that we were filming and an interview and time at home and in the gym i think the most surprising thing about her is her penchant for adventure and excitement maybe not what you picture in any eightyfive year old woman but particularly softspoken one such such as her along with the riding the elephant scene which we have in the movie she also likes to parasail and whitewater raft and her son said he has to sort of fire with our not to go horseback riding on vacation so sort of plays against the image might have of justice ginsburg why this movie now i mean ruth bader ginsburg has been in the public consciousness now for decades why now in what made you wanna do it now well you know justice ginsburg starting in two thousand thirteen twenty fourteen started to take on an enormous amount of internet fame betsy and i had each interviewed her previously for other documentary projects and in early twenty fifteen we just said someone has to do a full dress documentary on justice ginsburg telling the full life story and why shouldn't it be us i mean even some of her biggest fans some of them eleni owes who are putting tattoos on themselves ruth bader ginsburg face don't really know everything that she accomplished for american women and it just was a story that you know we wanted to tell.

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