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To discuss Then a look at the activist rolls of athletes in the W. N B A and the National Women's Soccer League with journalist Linda Gibbs, co host of the sports podcast. Burn it all down. And later despite restrictions New York City has seen an increase in indoor and outdoor parties an uptick in covert cases among people age 21 to 30. Gothamist editor Ben Yakis has been following the pandemic parties and he fills us in on the latest We'll get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart. I'll meet you on the other side of the news. Live from NPR news. I'm shave. Stevens, a National Guard official has told a congressional panel he was deeply disturbed that law enforcement officers were used to clear peaceful protestors from a park so that President Trump could walk by. NPR's Brian Naylor reports on testimony during a hearing into the actions of Park police during a June 1st. Protest outside the White House. DC National Guard Major Adam DeMarco told members of the House Interior Committee that a warning from the U. S. Park Police to demonstrators to clear the park was barely audible and that the protest across from the White House that day was peaceful. For my observation. Those demonstrators are fellow American citizens were engaged in the peaceful expression of their First Amendment rights. Yet they were subjected to an unprovoked escalation and excessive use of force. DeMarco said he found spent tear gas canisters but the acting chief of the U. S. Park Police, Gregory Monahan, denied his officers used tear gas and said the decision to clear the park had zero correlation with the president's photo op in front of ST John's Church. Brian Naylor, NPR news members of the House Judiciary Committee girl Dios Attorney General William Bar over the use of federal agents to control protests in American cities. Lawmakers rejected bars assertion that Democrats are wrong to compare the use of federal forces to control violent crime with those sent to Portland and Seattle. More from NPR is Philip Ewing. Democrats is don't see there being a meaningful distinction between those two things, and they also point out that in their view, the federal officials that are responding are, according to Democrats. Instigating violence and cracking down on non violent protesters because they say that supports a narrative that the president wants about law and order for his reelection campaign. NPR's Philip Ewing Major League Baseball is still struggling to come up with a plan for protecting coaches and players from the Corona virus during its shortened season. NPR's Brian Man suggests more games be played. In state ballparks. An outbreak among players and coaches in the Miami Marlins has already disrupted baseball schedule, and the number of covert 19 hot spots around the U. S is growing. Governor Andrew Cuomo says the answer is for other states teams to play in New York, where infection rates have plummeted. New York state could host Any major league baseball game. And they could play those games in our stadium. A New York state has one of the lowest infection rates in the United States. Cuomo says. New York also has fast Corona virus testing capacity to help keep team safe. Ryan Man. NPR News. Wall Street stocks closed lower for a second straight session, with the Dow Jones industrials losing 205 points. The NASDAQ composite index fell 134 In pre market trading. US futures are down. Asian markets are also in negative territory. This is NPR news. New York and New Jersey, or once again expanding their travel restrictions on visitors from Corona virus. Hot spots. People arriving from 34 states must self quarantine for 14 days. New to the list are Illinois, Minnesota, the District of Columbia and.

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