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From apple which is basically a smart display concept that everybody wants today with really smart assistant that can just coordinate and do all sorts of really complex for we're nowhere near the knowledge navigator from nineteen eighteen eighty six that apple is trying to sell apples probably the furthest from it but a lot of these ideas have been out there. It's a matter of putting it together and getting the right momentum behind the idea to bring it to market just like you know the the momentum behind the smart speaker probably wouldn't have happened without sort of the the strong conviction of someone like Jeff Bezos Okay so final story our final episode one of the favorites. I certainly got a tie search social media probably the favorite episode last fall. I sat down with Shire episode sixty nine Dave and Pete. You both put this on your list. <hes> tell me why start with you. Dave well like I said earlier. It's just unbelievable like the Times that we live in today to where you can get one of the founding fathers of technology like Adam Shire like hearing. His story was really really fascinating another S._R._I.. Guy <hes> who's been I think he said he's kind of at this for twenty five years and what was really fascinating about it was that he sort of envisioned. It's like he didn't envision the web or mobile but he envisioned voice in the Smart Assistant Listen epoch and <hes> so I just thought that was really interesting and the way that you know he has his trajectory has gone you know starting with Siri and then leaving apple in moving to give the now at bixby but the thing that arms are Samsung <hes> the thing that really stood out to me is when he's describing the idea behind a capsule in he's saying you know it's the <hes> it's not necessarily about like voice as much as it's it's about contextual assistance <hes> and then he kind of walked through the different <hes> examples of how that applies so he says you know you in this is something I've thought a lot about but it's this idea where you just say. I'm really the job to be done so you say okay. I want to plan a vacation or I'm I yes so help me out in plan this vacation for me and the way that the assistant works on the back end is it's brilliant navigating. All of the different APPS and edge was crazy to me listening to that story. Is that it it's very very obvious. That apple looked at that at one time. Maybe when Steve Jobs was still around in said this is the evolution of the APP store because has it you you hear him. Describe in really what it is. It's interconnecting all of the different bits within the APPS <hes> to make a ultimately fulfill the job that you're looking to do and now that you know they're doing it over at Samsung <hes> and I think Alexa conversations was probably pretty inspired by what bixby's rolling out <hes> or at least maybe to a degree <hes> so I just thought it was really interesting to hear his vision and understand understand this the bigger picture of kind of where the guy that really kind of lead things off in this space <hes> his ultimate vision for it yeah <hes> same sentiments <hes> in order to understand bixby Samsung you have to know who had entire isn't where he's coming from..

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