Iraq, Dick Cheney, President Trump discussed on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter


There was the formation and complexities around the the government there there was increasing violence etc but doesn't impact public opinion and then the public had fatigue they had isn't a new study this week the public has fatigue about the news right now exactly but then late in two thousand six we see a sudden just sh collapse of support for iraq and and it so to me that argues that a i mean some specific things happened in two thousand six but there's not the the the specific news events i mean you're getting into the surge to get more and more people admitting that the war in iraq is not going well if you remember dick cheney basically playing the role of trump and just constantly denying what was obvious to to so many people in saying no it's going great we're doing wonderfully it had the same kind of bipartisan field that being i mean anti non partisan feel that being against the war in iraq was somehow disloyal to america or to whatever and so i do think that there is a pro trump is paying a hidden price and that's that i mean my you could call it leap buffet you could call it something you know the a gut sense based on experience but i think there is a psychic price i don't think you wanna be a president who day after day after day is screaming and yelling and and and his receiving such negative press so i don't when i say trump is winning i don't mean he's he's gleefully wonderfully winning obscuring he's tactically as a simple exactly but i think that story will come out i mean the the clearest way it would come out is some piece of tape some moment where.

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