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What's jack stacks they yes the best athlete from ohio other than lebron is like football baseball i mean barry larkin and ken griffey that's pretty tough have to think about that ball maybe not even sure i would know from ohio i tell you what though if you went back which we don't have the stuff in front of us but if you went back and looked at how many nfl players come out of the state of ohio it's not like ohio's is a huge state i think you'd be amazed at the number of players i mean that's one of the areas that you know a lot of big time college is focused on the state of ohio you're absolutely right and yes football in ohio and cincinnati the big time then everyone wanna play at ohio state most lot of the kids do but northeast ohio has his a lot of really big high school football programs for sure here's some big names jack nicklaus columbus golfer pete rose archie griffin paul brown archie griffin the only two time heisman trophy winner mike schmidt john pretty good third base john havlicek gray basketball player edwin moses the track star very fast dude i got to know him in california don shula ken griffey junior it's a long list j paul brown doesn't paul brown on the team paul brown stanley despite mike brown owns it now paul's tinto's up coupon browns though junior and senior mike is the owner mike was paul i don't know that there's a paul brown junior mike is mike brown.

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