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You know i always canada hated when i gotta watch two games at once i always love to just watch one game watching closely watched the pictures secondguessed the pitcher's managers the whole thing pay close attention and there's two games zayn it's very hard to do you gotta go back and forth and what i've wound up doing is watching one on the tv and watching one on the computer his most modern tvs known have splitscreen anymore and even if they do it's confusing no you're gone back and forth you forget what game you're watching but the mets made it very easy for me today thank you steven mats terry collins after the game was like i am a guy was locating center center and that that was exactly what he was though i i to here he's got him out near thought okay is in here and then boom boom boom next thing you know four runs around on the board all right subtle down second any comes out boom boom boom easau he's out of the game and it's seven nothing and as warner wolf used to say yeah cut a ship cheers sets off right there mets came back scored some runs and then the rockies came back and scored some runs and i don't know what fernande does saleh's still doing with this team he is just throwing batting practice i know they spent some money on him but write it off at this point these gotta be a better alternative handled by the way if you are a delusional met fan and think that they had any chance of catching washington washington just made a deal for their bullpen they get to relievers to bolster that week area of their team so he can forget about the nazi coulda forgotten about in any way and this was an opportunity to get within seven and a half of the rockies which this point of the season is not insurmountable house nine and a half m sorta insurmountable on so depending on what the.

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