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And I don't know what you can really do about it. Right. I mean, he's hurt. Clearly, he's down. He made no effort to get back up. But usually let it play out. I don't I don't really think that Dallas has a kick coming though, you do feel bad that that goal was literally scored because you had a goaltender just could not get up. Yeah. I mean, I don't think Dallas has made a case. No, no. I'm just really. Yeah. But you're listening for me. I can only say this don't for me. I would say two things if I was the referee. I would have blown the whistle because I think there's enough discretion in there. When a guy is seriously when you think there might be a serious injury to blow the whistle. He. Was hit with a shot up high? I, you know, I don't know if I Moni maybe his vision is way better than mine from the corner that I was on television. But I wasn't sure if he got hit in the neck I wasn't in show where he got hit until I saw the replay. All I know is he got hit very high near his head. And it went down. He was and he was kind of, you know, rolling and pain. So it was pretty obvious that he was defeated discomfort or distress. And when the goal is down that thought it's different than one of the players is down when the goal is down. If you don't blow the whistle there guys could somebody could have teed up another slap and hit him in the back of the head right on the ice. So, you know, I don't know. I thought you know, Dave read who's my colleague here at NHL network made a made a good I thought had a good thought on it. He you know, and he's playing it almost two thousand and then show games regular season games plus playoffs and his whole life. He's playing hockey. And he said, you know, I've never seen a situation where the goalie went down like that where the whistle wasn't blown. So you know, the end of the day it happened. It was only four seconds between when he got hit. I think it was the puck ends up on the net and really smart of Tomas. Steam to throw it back through the great play by Jaden Schwartz. Stick on it. All I can really say in that spot is I haven't like they read I have never seen the situation where the goal was down and looked to be in in distress or the whistle wasn't blown. And speaking for myself is that whistle would have been in my hand. I would have blown it right there based on what I saw. But that's not to say that the, you know, I it didn't get blown and they Lewis scored and that's life. I think that Dallas has taken the right approach here. Jim Montgomery is taken. I think the absolute right approach because he's got to get focused on getting his team ready for a game seven the St Louis blues. You know, they started on gangbusters and game six they didn't play well for the second part of the first crew in the second period. But once they got the lead, they really didn't give Dallas much. So I think Jim is handling it right by just getting focused on on the next game. And you know, what if? It goes at the other end and Jordan Bennington gets it with a shot, and he's laying there. I'm sure your company's gonna want them not the ball with that. Right. I it's great points by read, and and you look at how sensitive they are two goaltenders possibly getting injured. I mean, the traffic in front of the net. If if a mask is lost during the course of play, the the whistle is instantaneously blown doesn't matter..

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