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Are needed the federal government rose to the challenge and this is a great success story come on it's time eight fifty five to get to our propellant shirts money update Starbucks quarterly same store sales fell ten percent the first downturn by that measure in nearly a seven years but the coffee chain says it's seeing a larger order sizes as cooped up families load up on coffee with group orders Starbucks also says it will check employee temperatures to ensure they are safe to work as it begins to re open more stores next week the pandemic may have one silver lining for Boeing less haggling with customers over the cost of the extended grounding of the seven thirty seven Max well last year airlines are clamoring to get their Max jets in the air now they're having trouble filling planes the CEO of southwest says it's hard for him to argue to Boeing that is carriers being damaged by the Max delays southwest which reported three hundred million dollars in compensation from Boeing during the first quarter it says it's working with Boeing to defer deliveries that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news on the news wasn't very good this morning the government reports America's economy contracted more than expected in the first quarter the gross domestic product shrank four point eight percent in the first three months of the year that report on the heels of Boeing reporting a quarterly loss of six hundred forty million dollars but the stock market is shrugging it all off the Dow Jones average is up five hundred twenty eight points that's more than two percent the S. and P. up two and a half percent and the nasdaq is up three percent it's eight fifty one and coming up on the come all morning news question do the handles on the cutlery go up.

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