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That requirement you may not proceed with your remarks And then judge Jackson the first African American woman nominee took the floor I am humbled and honored to be here She said she understands the importance of the hearings You're careful attention to my nomination demonstrates your dedication to the crucial role that the Senate plays in this constitutional process And I thank you Your CBS News correspondent Nicole Killian Democrats say she's been approved with bipartisan support before and they hope that will be the case again The hearings will continue tomorrow CBS News special report I'm Steve futterman Maryland is sending some lifesaving devices to Ukraine to help with those wounded during fighting in the country 50 ventilators are being donated to Ukraine by the Maryland Department of Health and announcing their donation Maryland governor Larry Hogan says the state is proud to make the donation to help save lives and aid Ukrainians in the fight against Russian aggression The ventilators have been given to the Dickerson based Paul Chester children's hope foundation to group that provides surgical care for people in developing countries The device they're expected to arrive in Ukraine later this week Mike Morello WTO news Three 53 the late congressman Don young who was the longest serving Republican in U.S. House history will lie in state at the capitol march 29th Young represented Alaska He died Friday night at the age of 88 He was first elected to the House in 1973 A formal ceremony opened to an invited guest will be held with the young family Afterward there will be a viewing for Congress members The candidates for D.C. mayor faced off over the weekend and they share their plans for dressing some of the district's top priorities The town hall gave candidates running for mayor chance to share their promises to bring change Incumbent mayor muriel Bowser pointed out her contributions to gun violence and housing So we've driven down her family homelessness by 73% Council member Robert white discussed his focus on voting rights violence and the need for change The same problems that were here 8 years ago are here now So what we have is not a money problem It is a leadership problem Council member treon white pointed out his plan to address gun violence I have a plan called focus improvements designed to put resources in areas hardest hit by crime in our community Candidates running for D.C. council and attorney general also took part in Sunday's town hall laying out their plans for the city's future Melissa Howell WTO news The Supreme Court says it will not review the case of a Seattle based Christian organization that was sued after not hiring a bisexual lawyer who applied for a job A lower court let the case go forward but the high court said today it would not intervene Justices Samuel Alito and clarence Thomas agreed with the decision not to hear the case at this stage but said the day may come soon when the court needs to confront the issue the case presents The Space Force is taking a new approach to military fitness federal news network Scott mascioni has more Physical fitness tests are a classic staple in the military however the Space Force says next year will do away with the exams Instead the service will rely on constant biometric monitoring of guardians to ensure they stay ready The Space Force says it will use a holistic and data driven approach those service members are physically and mentally fit Unlike the other services the Space Force is focused more on digital applications and troops most likely will not be in physical combat situations Scott marioni federal news.

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