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Here's a look at the new players we have scheduled to make pro debuts with the Kings. This year talked about gave you saw Anderson Dolan last year for a short stint but he's pro so none of these players. They can't go back to junior. They can't go back to college. They're they're. They're finally in our hands. Now Vlada Mike Anderson to Time College Championship you know welcome to the Pros Schander Z. Marcus Phillips the played in junior and Guava won a championship and Interior League and onto the Memorial Cup. They're gonNA make their pro debuts razzmatazz compare your first round or from a year ago hit along with Saudi Graham Blake Lozada's a college and I know you're up here last year and we explained about our department. <hes> particularly goes after college free agents agents. We identify what need our specific need. Our team has and we go after Blake Lozada's product of Value Sam in one game last year and we expect him much more around here. Nikolai precaution a name. That's probably been around here for a few years drafted. We finally got the opportunity to get them over. Here is playing the cage at the pro level and we fully expect him contribute to our team and the other three guys Mariel campy obviously Adrian's brother Ryan and Fritter are some pro. Ufa's have spent time in the NHL NHL and we'll fill depositions with us so it just shows you that the number of players thirteen new players and we fully expect that same amount next year so this is how we're going a build up prospect pool so like I said and I think you touched on it too. We kind of want to walk you through the process of of of not only identifying the talent Alan selecting the talent developing talent and then where does that talent go into our coaching staff so I'm going to bring up Nelson Emerson. He's director of player personnel and he's going to talk a little bit about the historic day data that backs up some of our scouting statistics over the past few years. Why are amateur staff why we're confident they will do a good job awesome. I'll bring Nelson up real quick..

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