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Later this week. A sculpture made of wax is going up next to Orlando City Hall at City Hall. Orlando is a family grandfather, granddaughter and they're sitting on a bench eating ice cream, and it's made to melt. Just like ice cream. It's all to demonstrate how climate change is affecting the Earth. With Florida's news. I'm trade Johnson. From the Maas Nissan Traffic Center. Be sure to use caution. If you're headed along the Skyway bridge this morning. We do have reports of high winds. This reporter sponsored by Compassion International. We're all feeling the weight of covert 19 but for kids in poverty around the world Things are becoming desperate. Join compassion International and provide for a family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text Hope. 283393 Tianna Flipping NewsRadio fella. There's a few more clouds in the sky this morning, but we're still dry Rain chances go up to a 30% this afternoon for a few passing showers. Wins will stay breezy out of the Northeast at 15 to 25 MPH. There is a small craft advisory in effect. Guys today will be in the upper eighties. We will dry out overnight Temperatures by Monday morning near 74 Monday afternoon near 89 will be drier with just a 20% chance for a passing shower, and it will feel less humid with drier air in place. I'm Max Defender eight meteorologist Amanda Holly I Heart radio's new podcast Crimen Alia explores the intersection of history and true crime. Criminal activities linger in the margins of history. And lady poisoners offer up some of the most.

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