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25 sale on America in the morning. AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Matt Benz is busy at the national map. What's the forecast? Shaping up to be a very active weather pattern here from the West Coast to the east coast here for today as we are tracking several systems moving across the region and even though the calendar says it's march. It's going to feel more like February with regards to snow across portions of the U.S. over the next couple of days. Our first storm that we're tracking moving through the Great Lakes to the east coast here for today. This will bring mainly snow across portions of Wisconsin and in northern Illinois, lower Michigan, leads to start the day into the early afternoon. This will be our main concern for where we'll see slippery roads here to start the day as that's where we'll see the best chance for any snow accumulations. As you head east, we'll see a mix over to rain and snow across portions of the Ohio valley into the central appalachians east of the appalachians here for today, mainly rain, especially for this afternoon from places like Philadelphia, northward towards New York City, though some snow can mix in for these areas heading into tonight, mainly rain then as you head south across Virginia and across the Carolinas and vaccine thunderstorms could erupt as well at times for today from southern South Carolina. Georgia, northern Florida, some of these storms packing a punch with heavy downpours at times for today. That's thunderstorm risk extending westward to the lower Mississippi River valley. This will be more hit and miss type thunderstorms. Central southern plains outside of Texas dry here for today a new system moving into the West Coast. We'll continue to bring heavy rainfall to portions of California for today, especially just near and south of the Bay Area towards the LA basin, flooding concerns will be renewed for many of these areas along with risk for mudslides. Please be careful out there. Snow at higher elevations of the Sierra. Also look at snow falling across portions of the central and northern rockies as well through much of today. That's the nation's weather. This is America in the morning. It's 23 till. I'm John trout. President Biden traveled to Philadelphia and laid out his budget plan, but back in Washington, Republicans panned the budget

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