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Lap in the final practice before this weekend's, Indianapolis five hundred this year starting three has Sunan passionate on the pole position with Ed carpenter, and Spencer, Peugeot rounding out the front line track owners, also announced the creation of the Robin Miller award named after the longtime motor sports writer to honor those dedicated to the service of auto racing. Clemson tight end Brandon Galloway and defensive linemen that Gila will miss next season. An NC double a panel rejected the school's appeal of their drug suspension raining. WNBA MVP, brianna Stewart has been named an ambassador for the season sharing. She'll continue to get a paycheck, she's out with a torn achilles. But because there's no I l players are suspended without pay to free up a roster spot. And the international ice hockey federation has picked the Russian city of Saint Petersburg to host the two thousand twenty three world championships. The twenty twenty four tournament will be in the Czech Republic with games in. Prog and travel, while the twenty twenty-five addition goes to Sweden, and Denmark with the two host cities, yet to be decided, for the I'm rob affronts podcast. One sports minute. As President Trump continues battling Democrats, a personal feud with house speaker, Nancy Pelosi is growing AP, Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. They traded another round of barbs Thursday again with Pelosi suggesting she's worried about the president's wellbeing, and questioning his fitness for office. I wish his family administration. Steph would have been intervention the country. I'm an extremely stable genius Pelosi though, she is a mess. And after holding off on giving her one of his patented nicknames crazy Nancy, which he later took back since he calls. Bernie sanders. Crazy Bernie still the president says Pelosi has issues. She's lost it. Everybody's taking a break for now. The house is on a Memorial Day, recess and the president's heading to Japan. Maybe wants to take a leave of absence. I don't know saga megani wash. Washington. Eighteen radio news. I'm Jacky Quin. A setback for the Trump administration's plan to use a -mergency funding to.

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