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If you watch there, listen to the show The Cliff notes version Dan patrick dot com and entry email address in the box that slides out bottom right corner and you are good to go get phone calls coming up 8773 d P show. Give me the poll question. Make love it. Okay, update the result, Which team would be best served by replacing their current quarterback? The choices were The Vikings, Jimmy Jean, the Niners, Matt Ryan, the Falcons or Big Ben 58%? Big Ben. Second is Kirk Cousin at 16%. So Ben by a large margin. Let me bring in Mike Florio Pro football Talk live co host. You can see his show on Peacock every morning Monday through Friday. Let me start there, Mike. Out of those quarterbacks, which team should be moving on? I think without question it's the 40 Niners from Jimmy Garoppolo. He's missed 23 games over the past three seasons. He's got a $25 million compensation package this year, and I think back to the playoff run in 2019. He freaked out Kyle Shanahan in the game against the Vikings, throwing three balls that could have been intercepted by Eric Kendricks. One of them was That's when they shifted the bob greasy mode for the rest of the postseason, at least until the Super Bowl and had him just hand the ball off to that. That great stable of running backs they have and also receivers who can run the football. But I think they'd be far better off if they upgraded at the quarterback position and would be a Super Bowl contender, if not a Super Bowl favorite with a better quarterback. Do they have plans on doing that? Well, they're keeping their cards close to the vest right now. Because of the cap consequences of trading or cutting Jimmy Garoppolo, it would not be a significant blow to their overall structure for other contracts and other players. I think they just need to find a better quarterback before they make a move on Jimmy G. I don't think they trade him because I don't think anybody wants to pay him $25 million for next year. I think they will look for somebody better. And if they find somebody better they'll go get that person may be tried to trade him. Ultimately potentially just cut him when you can't find someone else to take on that commitment, all because of the inability to stay healthy. Damn. Does it make sense for the Steelers to bring Ben back because it's money based that? Hey, we'll have you come back, but only if you You know you You're going to play it a reasonable salary here, Or does it make more sense to be moving on to start with whatever you know the new era Next generation is with this team, then my understanding that is that this is not about trying to pay Ben Roethlisberger less than what he's due to make this year. Now that there was a point where they've decided they want to continue this relationship. You have to take his contract One year left $41.25 million cap charge for this year. 22.25 million is counting against the cap no matter what they do if he retires if he's cut if he restructured his contract that 22.25 is going nowhere. The question is with the 19 he's due to make this year. What do you do to shrink? The cap charge this year pushed some of those dollars into future years. It's very easy to do. It should only take an hour. That part of it is easy. And now that they're at the point where That's the next step, assuming the Steelers are willing to pay him 19 million finish here. It's something that literally could be done in an hour. I don't know why it's taken so long to get to this point. I think some of it was the Steelers asking themselves. Are we going to be good enough this year to justify one more year with Big Ben and I think from his perspective, he has to look at it and say Is the team going to be good enough for me to give it one more run? I don't think this is quite 2005 Jerome Bettis, where just that close away from the Super Bowl. Let's try to do it one last time and walk off into the sunset with a trophy. I really do believe and I know I may May eat these words later in the year, I think, come November and December. Both sides are going to regret this one more year. This feels like Brett Farve in 2010. I think both sides would be better off moving on. Has anybody seen to Shawn wants in? I think there was a photo of him like in Miami or something. He's really handling this in a quiet, private, discreet way. The Texans know where he's coming from. He's yet to go public. I suggested last week that at some point, he may have to go public to put pressure on the Texans to do something. He's making it too easy for them to just hang up the phone whenever anyone calls with an offer and just take the position that they believe at some point He's going to change his mind about not wanting to be there, and there was a great item in the athletic last week about this situation out, got to this point and one of the comments about his nature. He's very stoic by design. He was inspired by his mother's cancer fight that she handled everything very, very even keel owed and I think that that's that's who he is. He doesn't want to have to go public. He doesn't want to have to throw grenades at the Texans in an interview or somewhere else. He wants them to figure out on their own, what their best move is and we'll see if they do. Yeah. You start to wonder if you're too Shawn wants in and you go camping to go to a team that I might deplete their roster or their future roster. Do I want to go to Carolina and all of a sudden I'm going, You know, it's Lateral move. Now I get out from underneath whatever he's bothered by with the Texans, but it's not like he's going to go to a place where they're gonna go. Hey, add water and stir. We're ready to challenge for a championship here. Yeah, That's the problem. I mean, the Herschel Walker type trade. You end up being the guy who gets traded to the team that doesn't have any first round draft picks for the next three years or second or third or give up this guy and that guy, the greater the package to get to Shawn Watson, the harder it is for that team where he lands to compete, and that's part of the challenge in finding the right team here. The Texans If they're going to trade him, they're gonna want maximum compensation before to Shawn Watson weighs his no trade clause. He's gonna want to feel like he's not jumping from one bad situation into another. You're gonna handicap this. Gimme the teams in order..

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