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Never mind the best way to improve health healthcare to make it more accessible to improve the quality pillow with if isis is for there to be more free markets which is exactly what the canadians have discovered claude gassed and way said to be the father the canadian healthcare system he design their healthcare system in quebec it was quickly them copy biljana provinces he is the father of the canadian healthcare system over ninety years old he now says we made a mistake when we said that there should be no competition we need more competition in a few years ago the incoming head of the canadian medical association the equivalent of the american medical association except candida said that our healthcare system is imploding herve not mine and she said we need to have more competition so they're moving towards a more of american model in we are moving towards a more canadian model dole figure so to reiterate republicans should remind the american people we had nothing to do with this bill our fingerprints are not on it we tried to have some by in they said no had gotten some by and then we could understand why they turning to us to quote unquote save or fix these socalled glitches at healer recalled of during the debate but you got nobody in from us how dare you blame this on us you frontloaded it meaning the taxes paid in early benefits paid out late so that the cbo would give it a positive score you knew darn well that you underfunded it you knew darn well that these insurance companies cannot do all the things wanted them to do without getting a cash infusion through the back door you didn't guarantee the cash infusion because you assume that you're gonna remain in power owes you didn't and now you have this mess and at the foot of president trump in your blaming republicans how dare you we're gonna go over this georgia race we comeback triple eight nine two one s a gee why are the stakes so high the white house is watching the race they are very concerned about it and i wanna remind you of what chuck todd told tom perez the dnc chair about the last special election when chuck todd the journalism nbc felt that the dnc didn't take it seriously enough on larry only do not leave town call in now join the conversation eight eight eight nine seven.

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