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Despite having no brain function but when the bottle had here's how geico not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the the phone deal not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy publ and easy. You can get whiplash and guess what you're in the middle of a stephen. A smith show podcast david stephen smith show e._s._p._n. Radio e._s._p._n. News coming to you live from above appear seventeen at south street seaport presented by chase our number two up next man damien woody will be on to hang with yours was truly te'o tara loans when greatest wide receivers in the history of the national football league hall of famer worthy of being a first ballot all got jobbed on that issue took issue issue what my me not having antonio brown projected as one of the top five receivers in two thousand nineteen mind you he's. He's missed his strong. What i'm saying saying antonio brown is all world. He's top to receiver in the game one of the greatest receivers we haven't seen in n._f._l. History but projected for twenty nineteen what i'm projecting is that his numbers will slip a little bit because he's playing with derek carr and as a result and along with the fact that the foot injury along with the him stuff the rail tim from spending tom developing that chemistry with derek carr. I don't think his this year will be as good as last year. The year before was would be rothlisburger pittsburgh. That's not to take a stab antonio brown. I know he's great. Te'o is misunderstanding that i a._m. Saying i'm questioning derek carr and jon gruden. I'm not questioning antonio brown. That's why teo was wrong but i appreciate. It knows stuff by the way he really really does to the phones we go. Let's go to rudy. You live stephen. They go ahead rudy. Hey what's going on man. I'm real quick. I wanna make a point a running backs in the n._f._l. And how they how they get paid okay just disease point levy on point right so i feel like they get paid based off of their age and you know statistics rather than actual usage okay <hes> and i haven't seen a team you know besides the patriots trio that has made it to bowl without a a good running game or made it far in the playoffs so i would argue that you need or anything and they also they go top five draft as well as well so they're not that important to why are they you so much jackie so highly. That's that's the only point. I wanna make gotcha. Appreciate the call man. Thank you so much. Let's go to chris real. Quick eulogised even go ahead. Hey what's up steve night. I'm all right man. You only got a minute go ahead. I just wanna say <hes>. I'm a big fan and i will admit i'm a massive cowboys saying had been since i was seven and i will agree with you. <hes> you know we cowboy sans general israel saying next year and that's why they can't make you sick and i used to be one of those sands. I won't deny it. I'm no longer like that. You know i. I love my team gene but i'm sick of saying next year's are year now. I well zeki. I think he is the best running back in football but i will say i have a problem with his holdout out now as you said anytime. He's a cop five pick. They built that team to run the football. Did he not sink when they trusted in that high doc that he would get used accordingly what how he's not in the question. I gave you a chance to get to your point too. Damn long so i apologize. I gotta get ready to get on outta here. Thank thank you for the call but what i'm telling you. Is that zeke elliott. <hes> you know listen. You know you're gonna have heavy usage your starting running back in the national football league. You're gonna get the ball. There's just no question russian about that <hes> but he wants his money and let's he sweat and the usage what he's saying that he deserves to get paid because he's produced and he should be paid is the number one receiver. I think it should be number two personally but that's just me.

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