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Whoa ground a pitch climbing the left center field repeal deal enroll seal the deal iraq why charlie steiner was feel an ethnic is alex wood was pitching for the dodgers he was outstanding again this is his tense strike out in the top of the seventh here's the one true call strike brewery strikeout number ten hours ward who seven five at his career dea's struck out at least ten credit that was his last pitch there was none lovelier odd this wednesday night at dodger stadium alex wood a one point six seven era and eating twothirds innings this season ninety seven strikeouts twenty two walks the dodgers win this game one two nothing and after the game would talked about his performance author fema officials malloy's fortunately the hairdresser money lindsey graham besides the conflict through thoroughly and miozzi were room for good and hundreds of team rose it was a tough game and they came onto the un this week the dodgers played the diamondbacks and just rolled right on through them any talked about the atmosphere for the series against arizona on how often ju two teams that are fifty plus winds will serve ratio plant plenty sir stressing saint division so the little guy in social tensions rubin little bit higher special onenothing ball one of the ballgame and they were they were close to breaking through for shirley rerigged mix officiers in in home where they were now before the game the dodgers announced nasa clayton carshow will start on sunday versus kansas city that will make him ineligible the pitch in the allstar game a replacement is needed in alex wood would be perfect and he talked about the possibility of replacing kershaw the all star game one day at a time show honored with a is is a happens vergara homebuilding some kind of dream of as a kid you know so it's hard even fathom still renowned let's go to schrafft's.

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