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And weather together, we check it again with John Morrissey. We got new crashes in your way, it looks like another crash on the north side. Northbound I twenty five north of one hundred and forty fourth in the left lane. That's in the backups from a crash northbound I twenty five at northwest Parkway, e for seventy two crashes on the southbound side being cleaned up one underneath the Erie Parkway bridge right there, the area exit and another one approaching highway seven got a new crash near downtown westbound sixth avenue at federal looks like it's over on the left shoulder that drive through downtown. Very heaviest one matter of fact, all your highways are clogged up with very heavy Wednesday morning traffic near downtown. There's a crash in the cleanup stages. Eastbound I seventy other ramp to I twenty five eight four seventy southbound still closed at sixty four still cleaning up a lotta. Drywall spilled in a crash there used the exit ramps at sixty four to get off the highway and then back on you're not backed up back to Panyu boulevard yet it is not affecting your northbound drive except for a little curiosity. Northbound four seventy is opened up toward venue boulevard. Northbound five past Mississippi. That crashes really slowing your word drive still got that crashing your way. And they're cleaning it up or slow and doing it northbound I twenty five at Toma road in the Englewood area. There's a new crash eastbound hamden at Santa Fe. This report is sponsored by American financing refinance use your equity to consolidate your high interest debt into one low payment, you could be saving five hundred one thousand dollars American financing 303-695-7000 or American financing dot net. Analyst number one eight two three three four regulated by the division of real estate next update at seven fifty KOA.

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