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Yeah, it's tough and then you know you realize how how young a lot of these people are and how they haven't really left palm lot and here they are they're overseas and they're really missing stuff. So that's important. When you get over there to you know they really want to be close to American culture and something that reminds him at home and they just basically looking for a laugh and a hug to be honest. I was thinking like Alabama like that's that's what I was. I'm Rob Schneider. Asian moment I've had a good time in Alabama. Oh, come on. Mama Mexican kids if you want to check out the net flicks special. So I was not aware that you do impersonations. So like what are your finest impersonations? What are the ones that you're good at? I don't know Jay Moore is the guy who broke the Christopher walking one know once you have one guy figure it out then it's easy. You just know the cadence and how do it and then you can do his vice like that. Wait a minute. Don't stop doing that yes J. More does it grew You, do it well, it's God's does not do it well, got show him your Christopher Walken. Being. Like Youtube. Now see like in the Asian version of Christopher Walken or whatever the east Indian version, but I used to watch like you know. Before. There were video recorders, take a cassette recorder, and then you record you know old movies and You know before before cable TV you know there's like I record and I'd learn every voice on Casablanca and we should do a great many things last night and you said I would do thinking from I want but I haven't done a lot of the thinking since we both know that you belong with Richard. It's part of his work. That keeps them going. If you don't get on the plane, you know there you regret it. Then all the voices in that my favorite was Peter Laurie you know the Defenseman I need to get the paper. Man and please need to pay. Me We. Talk like that. Guy. Do you think we just nailed the eighteen to thirty four demo right there. But I hope. The people who would appreciated are still alive. I know there's about. About. Eight people want. To get all those voices. Greg is one of the you have. Absolutely. Delighted, Oliver Platt. Thank. You rob we appreciate your time. Give. My best to Oliver. I. Really. Hope he enjoys a special. Thank you. Sir Anything else on the way out you want to tell us about the special before you get out of here. Thank you I. You know I want people to know that I'm you know that was a real stand up and that's what I do, and there's so many great ones out there and I just want people to have a good laugh and and forget all the crap that's going on in the world and there's no politics and just have a good. You know the main have a good laugh with your family and I apologize for swear words and thanks you thanks for having me on today. For being on our you urinating right now are you what? I'm hearing bathroom. Making Making my morning tea baby. You gotTa have before the kids wake up and ruined everything. I'm GONNA enjoy myself. With us tomorrow morning as well. All right we'll talk you. From the thirties. have. A good that. These show aim free time for some ads. You mother bleepers underestimated us thought that was going to be bad. You thought it was going to be bad you were. I can feel you on my neck. GOING TO BE HOT. Really Rob Schneider. Because he's GonNa, give you some bogart. Eighteen to thirty, four, eat some Casablanca. WHOSE VOICES that thirty four I'm just yelling eighteen to thirty four. You underestimated us. Look. We gave you Rob Schneider Tomorrow get more rob Schneider Yeah..

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