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Is. It is I I need at least a blank wall interview if possible but. cluttering kind of person. Which means I like his Are I, like Erlich Cop Chalk Trust, Chomsky's. I. Like I like stones and crystals pretty things trending things. I'm a big fan of Likely Statues Stone Aminals so It is it is not a a niece process, Irish people that I know it's an all my stacks the only time I feel like I have to clean my office is when I look around stacks dust in I don't know what's in them. If lost traffic of insects this time to clean up the way I knew everything is don't touch my stuff. Love that's the litmus test. So this is I have to tell you. This is absolutely hilarious because you and Scott are sounding like the same person more with like everything you say like it is so funny you guys are cut from the same cloth. Well, you know I take take a compliment. We we. I don't know maybe it is. You know we don't faces while we know faces that he changed the outer appearance you know there actually the more studies I do in how how mine truly works Neuro Neuroscience I actually am beginning to believe that certain characteristics like that. Really do go together well, and obviously you guys are my type of people because I adore you both. So this is perfect. Will you know we are going to go ahead and let you go but thank you so much for joining us. We are humbled has been an absolute honor Oh so much. Thank you so much. So Much Scott it has been really fun. To to be on with you and. In just just talk and share. The view. This wonderful. Technology Park. Welcome to the spoiler section who, okay let's get into this book I'm. I'm excited because I had a lot of fun with it. I have a lot of things to say about it too. That sounds ominous. It's not ominous at all. You know when being dropped in the middle of a series like this. You know not having had conversations about a for what twenty years yeah I. You know I feel like there's so much stuff that I have to like get off my chest in disgust with people. You've got to go through that for so long. I haven't. Yeah. I've had a lot of friends that read these books and and we've talked about them over the years and yeah no, it's very true. Well I I. Don't know I. Feel like I should let you start. Well. Okay. First of all I. Love Anita Blake. I was not expecting her to be the I don't I. Don't know what I was expecting with her honestly maybe you had no expectations maybe that's was good I didn't really have expectations. I guess like I said reading through some of the wikipedia things I feel like it was a mistake i. had this I had this image in my head of this this image that I had was. Know a shallow bad, ass. Maybe a little bit vapid but strong character. That's the way that it Kinda made her sound. Oh No. That is not what she is. She is now readily smart, incredibly vulnerable but just absolutely so good at her job she's a complete complete bad ass, and she is good at her job and she's good at working the cases and all that cool stuff that you want in this kind detective eat you know sort of novel? and. She's just an absolute bad, ass very capable and now she has all of these enhanced Cana supernatural abilities to which just makes her character even richer as the years have gone on. I appreciate that twenty seven books in she still able to introduce a A moral dilemma. There's a lot like this book twenty seven. Books in. Introducing New Lord to the world new questions on how things work as well as introducing new moral quandaries to Anita and where she has to ask herself she doing the right thing absolutely because we have this whole issue with the warrant of execution and you know how she and Newman, and everybody you're supposed to handle this. And that's I mean it's it's kind of some stuff that's uncharted territory and Anita talks about that in here and is speaking on keeping it fresh to we brought this up in the interview and I really really applaud her for putting in. Some nods to mental health the importance of mental health with the characters in this book, the males and the females alike, the the tough bad ass people you know being like hey. It's okay to have feelings and to have to work through things really cool where all about normalizing mental health and it's really nice to see that Anita is still in therapy and the still working on herself to the writing is incredibly emotionally mature. The characters are not necessarily emotionally mature share by is approached from a from a from a level where the author is clearly very experienced in in navigating some of these these. Questions in these emotions. Yeah, and I think that's you know that's okay that we're feeling things with her and you know, Kinda going through all all those motions with her makes her very relatable I've forgotten how much I love the woman for the amount of cursing I feel so seen. So see because we all know that I curse just very naturally. It's not be trying to sound any sort of way I'm just. A salty old sailor and Sosa Nita and isn't it good news that they're swearing in the interview so that this is an explicit episode and you can say whatever you want. Yes, I love it. I. Love It. So I want talk all of the characters that are in this book because that is the one thing that there is a little bit of me feeling a little over my head I I, definitely felt for Duke because. Okay. So obviously, Duke is not a series regular. There's some other characters in here that that aren't part.

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