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Texans. Brock. Wider out Brock Tober. How okay. So there are things in your life. I can't put a dollar value on, but they just seem way more valuable than what I paid for it. Let me give you an example TSA pre check I pay eighty five dollars. I went to the airport eighty five dollars for TSA pre check that covers a couple of years. I don't know what it's worth. I can't sell it to anybody. There's no tangible value, but I know that I'm in a better mood when I go to the airport. I know that I can pack differently. I can wear shoes that I don't have to take off. It changes my mood. It alleviates stress going to the airport. Forget when I'm in line driving packing for the airport. I don't know what TSA pre check is worth a hell of a lot more than eighty five dollars is what I paid for it. So what is the value of things in your life in football, we assess value based on fantasy points because everybody plays fantasy football. So when Amari Cooper goes to the Cowboys you're going to be like well as he has like eighty five catches and twelve touchdowns. He didn't do my fantasy team any good. The value is going to be different with Amari Cooper the Cowboys right now average about three hundred twenty yards a game. That's like twenty six in the league. They're like twenty six twenty ninth thirtieth on all their stats offensively yet. If fifty yards a game extra just fifty they go from three hundred and twenty yards at three seventy there in the middle of the pack. That's really successful. If the safety has to shade over to Amari Cooper, therefore allowing more running games in three to four more first downs. Remember this about the Dallas Cowboys. Remember, what about to tell you on the Dallas Cowboys? They are three in. Oh when they score twenty points. They don't need this guy to be over the top to be successful. They've never lost a game this year when they scored twenty their defense is good. They found their pass rushers. They found their linebackers their front sevens. Excellent. It's one of the best front sevens and football. If Amari Cooper comes in and doesn't reward your fantasy team. Well, that's not going to be how the Cowboys Dina successful. When I drive to an airport with TSA pre. It is no longer a series of can't I can't pack that I can't wear that. I can't do that. I can't show up then it to series of oh, I can wear that. I can pack that I can show up later. I can go run this..

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